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How Brand Monitoring Impacts Your Online Reputation


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How many people really listen? The best marketers and salespeople have active listening in their skill set. And although broadcasting is huge these days, marketing is always a dialogue. Media monitoring and social listening are now two active processes in the daily life of any successful marketer.

In this presentation Olga, our own Head of Social Media, shares her tips on:
-How to measure your brand awareness
- How to predict trends & listen to your audience without spending hours searching for information
- When and what templates to use when you don't have much time
- How to handle negative feedback and crisis situations

We also have a webinar recording ready for you with a special treat! Doyle Buehler has joined Olga as a celebrity guest expert to add even more invaluable tips :)
Check them out here ->

Published in: Marketing, Business
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How Brand Monitoring Impacts Your Online Reputation

  1. 1. How Brand Monitoring Impacts Your Online Reputation #SEMrushlive
  2. 2. The ability to listen lies beneath any successful conversation. #SEMrushlive
  3. 3. Although broadcasting is huge now, marketing is always a dialogue. #SEMrushlive
  4. 4. How to measure your brand awareness data based on #semrushchat #SEMrushlive
  5. 5. Brand awareness metrics
  6. 6. % of new visits to the website Google Analytics -> Aquisition -> Channels #SEMrushlive
  7. 7. Audience growth #SEMrushlive
  8. 8. Increase in branded search traffic for AU database in SEMrush (Feb 2016) #SEMrushlive
  9. 9. How mentions can impact your online reputation #SEMrushlive
  10. 10. Benefits of brand monitoring new testimonials and reviews Closer connection to your audience and potential brand advocates new content ideas and guest posting opportunities better understanding of your targeted audience, and how they perceive your brand more trust and respect by promptly reacting to negative feedback new link building opportunities #SEMrushlive
  11. 11. Track misspellings, abbreviations, synonyms, colloquial words and main spokespeople #SEMrushlive
  12. 12. 1. Talkwalker Alerts 2. BuzzSumo 3. Mention 4. 5. Brandwatch 6. NEW: SEMrush Brand Monitoring tool Brand Monitoring Tools #SEMrushlive
  13. 13. #SEMrushlive
  14. 14. SEMrush Brand Monitoring Tool: New addition to Projects #SEMrushlive
  15. 15. SEMrush Brand Monitoring Tool #SEMrushlive
  16. 16. How we structure mentions 1. Title 2. Author 3. Domain authority 4. Mention/Link 5. Context/topic 6. Country ● Key topics/advantages ● Geo-targeting ● How influential the authors are ● Backlink potential Our takeaways #SEMrushlive
  17. 17. TweetBinder: Hashtag, keyword and @mention analysis #SEMrushlive
  18. 18. Which tools do you use now? POLL! #SEMrushlive
  19. 19. Person who listens makes the speaker feel important #SEMrushlive
  20. 20. “Thank you” templates it was so awesome of you to mention @brandname in your recent post about _________! love your recent post on _________! thanks for mentioning @brandname! thank you for mentioning @brandname in your article about ____! Honored to be included! #SEMrushlive
  21. 21. Positive feedback is your time to shine #SEMrushlive
  22. 22. Be timely with your response! #SEMrush
  23. 23. With information overload and too much buzz people don’t believe they can make a difference #SEMrushlive
  24. 24. How to handle negative feedback 1. never delete negative comments (exception - curse words) 2. be as quick as possible 3. apologise and thank the user 4. always be polite 5. be honest, acknowledge the mistake if the brand made it 6. use negative feedback to tackle common issues #SEMrushlive
  25. 25. How to reply to negative comments Our apologies. We expect the issue to resolve in a few hours. Reliability is our top priority! We appreciate all your patience & support while we deal with the issue. Thank you for helping us improve! #SEMrushlive
  26. 26. People who post negative comments want you to solve issues, so it's all about how you respond. #SEMrushlive
  27. 27. Go beyond your branded searches #SEMrushlive
  28. 28. #SEMrushlive Target new audiences based on topics
  29. 29. Track relevant queries: Hilton Suggests Case #SEMrushlive
  30. 30. Thank you for listening! Questions? #SEMrushlive