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InnoCos Europe 2012: Chairman SKIM about Social Media Research

Mini Kalivianakis, our SKIM Director Consumer Research Europe, was asked to fulfill the role of the Chairman on the 2nd day of the InnoCos 2012 event in Geneva. At InnoCos, senior executives from the cosmetics and personal care industry gathered to discuss key issues on front-end innovation, new product development and high-growth markets.

Mini kicked off the inspiring conference day with a short presentation about the high potential of social media research for any well-known brand.

Find out more about social media research at

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InnoCos Europe 2012: Chairman SKIM about Social Media Research

  1. 1. expect great answersThe Impact of Digitalization and Social MediaSKIM | International Market ResearchMini Kalivianakis | Director Europe Consumer Research
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  3. 3. 90% of people trust online peer Over 30% of the world’s recommendations population is under 30. (delivered by 3 billion search 96% of them are active queries) The unbiased social media context is a Only 14% trust advertisements on a social network. valuable source of information. It WILL influence brand marketing decisions. Wikipedia has over 15 million articles…studies show it’s more accurate than Encyclopedia Britannica 78% of these articles are non-English3
  4. 4. Keep your eyes open: Communicate: Listen: Trends (Private) Communities Data mining Open innovation Blogs Face Book Page Sales Channels4
  5. 5. Data Mining: Use social media conversations about brands to generate insights Communication Campaigns Consumers Triggers Perceptions5
  6. 6. 1. Design Study 2. Fieldwork: Internet 3. Output and (specify key words) scanning Analysis mmmini @ Kit Kat Beautiful day, enjoying @ Positive @ Passion – 5(6) the Male (age)Geneva  @ lake of @ Anticipation Feeling beautiful with my @ Twitter @ Desire #Chanel lipstick!! 25 minutes ago Getting ready for #SKIM @ Innocos 1 hour ago6
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  8. 8. Personality elements Hersheys Snickers Twix KitKat Butterfinger Toblerone Funny Generosity Increasing order of importance by buzz Kindness Conscientiousness Strength Intelligence Neutral Honesty Fashionable Weakness Creativity No mentions Exciting Sexy Agreeableness Determination Courage Mysterious Increasing Volume of Buzz8
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  10. 10. INNOCOS:Capturing…. Consumer Imaginationthrough digitalization!