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settlement of industrial disputes with case study: Hero Honda


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Presentation on Settlement of Industrial Dispute in india

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settlement of industrial disputes with case study: Hero Honda

  2. 2.  Introduction  Causes of Industrial Disputes  Settlement of Industrial disputes  Case Study :Hero Honda  Conclusion Content
  3. 3.  Any Dispute or disagreement between employer and workers, employer and employers ,worker and workers which is relating to employment in the industry such as wages, Dearness allowances, promotion , discipline, bonus and other social securities benefits . Industrial disputes in industries should be reduced to minimum So that there is no work stoppage.  Settlement of disputes between 1- Employer – Workman 2- Employer - Employer 3- Workman - Workman What is Industrial Disputes Exactly ?
  4. 4. (A) Industrial Factors (B) Managements Attitude towards workers (C) Other Causes Causes of Industrial disputes
  5. 5.  Industrial Factors :-An industrial matter relating to employment, work, wages, hours of work, privileges, the rights and obligations of employees and employers. An industrial matter in which both the parties are directly and substantially interested. Disputes arising out of unemployment, inflation. Contd….
  6. 6. Contd….. Management Attitude Towards Labour : (i) Management ‘s unwillingness to talk over any dispute with their employees. (ii) Managements unwillingness to recognize a particular trade union , delegating enough authority to the representatives etc. (iii) unwillingness to negotiation and settlement of disputes. (iv) Managements unwillingness to provide services and benefits to its employee's Other Causes (i)Affiliation of the trade unions with a political party, where the latter may instigate the trade unions to conduct strikes, lockouts etc. (ii) Political instability, center- state relations, sometimes result into industrial conflict.
  7. 7. Settlement of industrial disputes  Arbitration  Conciliation  Adjudication :- when the parties are not Resolving disputes so both the party Approaches to govt. appoint the judge for the settlement of industrial disputes so govt. Has Three sectors 1.labour court 2.National Tribunal 3.Industrial tribunal Dispute Settlement Arbitration Conciliation Adjudication
  8. 8.  Hero Honda Motors Limited .  Joint Venture 1983 :- The Hero Group of India and Honda of Japan  It is world's biggest manufacturer of 2 wheeler vehicles.  Dharuhera , Gurgaon and at Haridwar these plant are capable of manufacturing 3.9 million bikes per year.  capacity of these plant 6,000 units per day.  There are about 1,200 permanent workers, while 4,000 are on contract . Case study : HERO HONDA
  9. 9.  CASE FACTS  Place : Hero Honda Gurgaon Plant  Strike Duration : 10 April 2006 - 14th April 2006  No. of workers involved: 4000  Casual workers Demands: Wage hike, extra casual leave and medical benefits at par with the permanent workers.  Financial Loss: Loss of ₹ 100 crore .  CASE FACTS
  10. 10.  Around 4000 contract workers of Hero Honda's Gurgaon Plant (owned by Pawan Munjal ) were refuse regularization for the last 7 to 8 years.  A Contractual Worker Average paid is ₹ 5000 P/M and ₹ 40,000 P/M salary of a Permanent Worker performing the same job.  Contractual workers recruited not only get low wages but also do not receive any pay slip or cards. The casual helper at the plant gets a meager ₹ 2000-2500 at the end of the month. The management and the contractors are equally involved in the exploitation of the contract worker BACKGROUND:
  11. 11.  14th April 2006, A Tripartite meeting was held between Haryana's Additional Labor Commissioner, Management and Worker Representatives and they agreed for a settlement, under which some demands were met. It was an important victory for the contract workers, who are otherwise forced to live in miserable conditions.  The agreement included : 30% hike in salary ,Two days of casual leave every month and Medical benefits in accordance with the company rules, Issuing identity cards ATM cards Opening bank accounts for the casual workers. ACTION TAKEN &SOLUTION:
  12. 12.  Production at the plant, which makes about 6,000 bikes a day at Gurgaon was paralyzed.  It lead to the loss of ₹ 100 crore to the company. It severely impacted the industrial environment in the state and hence it was a concern for all industry. EFFECT OF THE STRIKE
  13. 13.  Issues between the management and workers should be resolved beforehand.  There should be a good communication link between the worker and the management.  Management should not suppress the rights of the worker. Conclusion
  14. 14. Thank You