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Gender Equality plan in Sardinia: a successful system of alliances


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Presentation held by Tara Marini (Autonomous Region of Sardinia - RAS) during the webinar "Gender Equality in RFOs, two experiences", organised by SUPERA on 13 November 2020.

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Gender Equality plan in Sardinia: a successful system of alliances

  1. 1. Gender Equality plan in Sardinia: a successful system of alliances Tara Marini Autonomous Region of Sardinia -RAS
  2. 2. THE LAW FOR RESEARCH AND INNOVATION IN SARDINIA REGIONAL LAW 7 OF 2007 A specific provision for research and innovation in Sardinia Scientific culture Human capital Internationalization Rationalization Integration between basic and applied research NO REFERENCE TO GENDER 180 million euro over 12 years
  3. 3. WHY A GENDER EQUALITY PLAN -GEP? 34% projects submitted and funded by women 66% by men Gender Equality Plan (GEP) in the framework of the SUPERA project Similar ratio of male and female reseachers in Sardinia
  4. 4. ASSUMPTIONS Lack of specialization in gender issues Uncertainty of political support due to elections Potential of expertise of stakeholders Possibility to expand the experience to other sources of funding Sardinia, one of the first Regions in Italy in the creation of a GEP Uncertainty on how to proceed Consolidated experience in relations with political level and stakeholders
  5. 5. THE SYSTEM OF ALLIANCES LEVEL 1 The Regional Programming Centre LEVEL 2 The whole Regional Administration LEVEL 3 Outside the Regional Administration Key for effectiveness Ensures awareness to a wider system Provides a larger basis of consensus
  6. 6. LEVEL 1 - THE REGIONAL PROGRAMMING CENTER Gender HUB stakeholders Gender HUB Regional Law 7 team Information and constant awareness raising of RAS Political and Technical leadership on gender issues through informal meetings Report with stakeholders suggestions Drafting reference to the GEP in official documents Drafting the GEP
  7. 7. LEVEL 1 - THE STAKEHOLDERS Giulia Giornaliste Sardegna Ricerche Counsellor for Equal Opportunities Commission for Equal Opportunities University of Cagliari Counsellor for Equality - Metropolitan Area Cagliari Corecom (Regional Committee for Communication) CRS4 Formez
  9. 9. LEVEL 2 - THE REGIONAL ADMINISTRATION Interaction with other offices in the Region that manage different Funds Principles inserted in the Regional Development Plan Interaction with the Staff office Training offered to different branches Interaction with Agency involved in the call for tenders Interaction with Counsellor for Equal Opportunities and Commission for Equal Opportunities Opportunities with other funds (eg. ERDF technical assistance)
  10. 10. LEVEL 3 - OUTSIDE THE REGIONAL ADMINISTRATION: THE NETWORKS CINECA – responsible for R.L 7 evaluators External stakeholders NOP Research Research Funding Organizations Regional Research Council ERDF Regional Authorities for Equal Opportunities SUPERA
  11. 11. THE BENEFITS Insertion of principles in the programming system, thus making it a rule Best practices spread to ERDF and other programmes Continuous chance of improvement from the exchange from the SUPERA Consortium and networks Shared Gender Equality plan that can be diffused to other programmes Technical Assistance from other funds, ERDF Many supporters and «guardians» of the effectiveness of the GEP Formal approval by the Regional Council for Research Provision from the Executive Government that inserts the GEP in the Law
  12. 12. THE REFERENCES GEP Approval: DET n. 5300 30 of July 2020 1- Structural change - Increase awareness on gender issues 2- Actions for ensuring gender equality in research projects 3- Promote gender sensitivity in the evaluation process of research projects Acknowledgement of the GEP and of SUPERA principles in the Report of the Council for Research Integration of SUPERA principles in the Regional Development Plan: DGR n. 9/15 of 5 March 2020 Acknowledgement of the GEP e of SUPERA principles in the DGR 2020 for LAW 7/2007: in progress Implementation of the GEP: in progress for the next 3 years
  13. 13. HINTS FROM OUR EXPERIENCE Shared goals in the alliance Highest possible empowerment to each member Continous communication with stakeholders and partners Shared activities and reponsibilities Not being limited to what was planned: consider window of opportunities Value to diversity Feedback to allies Informal dialogue as important as formal Visibility Formal documents open the doors
  14. 14. Thank you very much for your attention. And thanks to Autonomous Region of Sardinia TEAM AND OUR «ALLIES» SUPERA partners OUR STAKEHOLDERS OUR NETWORKS For any question, please contact Tara Marini