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Accelerate success cloud partner_master_deck


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Partnering with the Foundation presentation slides from Foundation event in London on 4th December 2012.

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Accelerate success cloud partner_master_deck

  1. 1. ACCELERATING SUCCESS IN THE CLOUD Partner Meeting 4th December 2012 /Salesforce.comFoundation @SFDCFoundation
  2. 2. Agenda14:30 - 15:30 Registration and NetworkingSESSIONS15:30 - 16:00 Partnering with the Foundation16:00 - 16:30 Force for Change: CTT and Third Sector IT Partnership16:30 - 16:40 BizAcademy Apprenticeships16:40 – 16:55 Insight: North Yorkshire Moors Railway16:55 - 17:15 Working with the Education Sector17:15 - 17:45 Utilising Premier Success Plans17:45 - 18:30 Networking Reception
  3. 3. Foundation Isabel Kelly 2012 re-cap Senior Director, International 2013 look ahead /Salesforce.comFoundation @SFDCFoundation
  4. 4. Foundation team covering the UK Sara Brophy, In’tl CFL Senior Manager Isabel Kelly, Int’l Director Triona Byrne, Kimberly Hunt, Int’l Nonprofit Int’l Ops & Product Programs Programs Phil Kenley, EMEA Community ProgramsJim Levi, EducationAE, EMEA Justin Wilson, James Leigh, Regional Sales Int’l Marketing Director, UK Joseph Devine, Chris Atwood, Nonprofit AE, UK Senior AE, Nonprofit EMEA
  5. 5. Vision: deliver innovativesocial value by’s people,ecosystem & technology &reinvesting our resources. 10EE Purchase donated additional 76% licenses + licenses discount grants Nonprofits Proceeds go back into Foundation cycle of sustainability
  6. 6. 1% product, equity, time201284 Foundation employees globally16 International Foundation employees + 2 interns in 8 countriesFirst year of self-funded international grants = $750,000What we spend the money on Matching grants - $5K per employee Disaster Relief - as required Champion Grants - $1K for each employee reaching 6 days’ volunteer time Force for Change Healthy Communities Employee Engagement BizAcademy Volunteer events Team Grants70,000 volunteer hours achieved by Salesforce staff2013 aiming for significant growth in all areas
  7. 7. How you can contributeOur core 2013 values: trust, growth & innovationTrust-  Successful customers = partners, products & training-  Increase our presence at events & on social media-  Work closely with our Partners / hire Partners & Alliances Manager for FoundationGrowth-  Increased annual bookings on our discounted pricebook-  Volunteer to help our customers-  Enhance BizAcademy & our apprentice programInnovation-  Produce transformational customer & community stories
  8. 8. Opportunity•  Growing Foundation team•  50% of EMEA donations in UK•  300+ donations in UK this year•  Customers for Life growth plan•  Foundation discounts on acquired products
  9. 9. What size charities do we deal with through our Product Donation?
  10. 10. Eligibility RecapDONATION•  Charities•  Nonprofit organisations•  Education Institutes (minus for-profit ones)DISCOUNT•  Social Enterprises, Social Business, CICsLARGER DONATIONS•  Schools and Uni’s for classroom purposes (curriculum usage)•  Foundation discretion, where there is no ability to purchase at discountTriona Byrne @
  11. 11. We Need You To...•  Maintain your SFDC certified Partner status•  Source leads•  Work with your AE•  Industry Events•  Partner Network in UK
  12. 12. Force for ChangeCTT and Third Sector IT Partnership /Salesforce.comFoundation @SFDCFoundation
  13. 13. Objec5ves  •  Improve  the  conversion  rate  from  Salesforce   Founda5on  dona5on  to  ‘ac5vely  using’  •  Engage  partners  in  above  through  pro/low   bono  support  and  engagements  with  dona5on   nonprofits  19/11/12   CTT  Salesforce  Process  
  14. 14. Process  Overview   Grantee  list  from  Salesforce   Founda5on   Implementa5on  readiness   call   CTT  Monitoring   Training   Already  working   Courses   with  partner   Implementa5on  planning   Sufficient  internal   workshop   exper5se   (pro/low  bono)   Compe55ve   Evalua5on   Partner  Introduc5on  19/11/12   CTT  Salesforce  Process  
  15. 15. Needs  from  partners  •  Pro/low  bono  resource  to  undertake   implementa5on  planning  workshops  •  Access  to  free/low  cost  introductory  training  •  ‘GeQng  started’  resources  •  Par5cipa5on  in  partner  referral  list  19/11/12   CTT  Salesforce  Process  
  16. 16. BIZACADEMY Philip Kenley /Salesforce.comFoundation @SFDCFoundation
  17. 17. Why?1,000,000 16 -24 year olds unemployed The most amazing growing at over 35% Year on Year
  18. 18. June Nov 20132012 2012 100 + Applicants 10 Applicants 33 Applicants 10 Accepted 14 Accepted 45 + Accepted 7 Apprenticeships 14 Apprenticeships? 45 + Apprentices
  19. 19. Quotes from Tquila:"As an employer we are always looking for young, energetic people to join our team. Our Academy program is aimed at identifying young people who have little experience inSalesforce and nurturing their raw talent into something that drives our company forward.  The type of people we look for (and indeed so far received from Skills for Growth), are selfmotivated, confident and have an eagerness to lean from the best in the salesforce.commarketplace: of all the things we look for, we prize having the right attitude most” marketplace; of all the things we look for, we prize having the right attitudethe most” Stephen Aitken – Management ConsultantExperience with Skills For GrowthSkills for Growth have given me an amazing opportunity that would have never beenavailable to me if it wasnt for them. I have met loads of new people and had manydoors opened for me via the experience on Biz Academy. Hannah Stevens - Apprentice Quote from Appirio: We have been thrilled with our involvement with the Biz Academy.  The experience for our employees who got involved in training was very rewarding and the intern [Hind Adamou] that we have hired was a fantastic addition to our team. Lori Williams – General Manager, EMEA
  20. 20. The Education Opportunity Jim Levi Education AE - EMEA /Salesforce.comFoundation @SFDCFoundation
  21. 21. Agenda•  The Sector(s)•  Salesforce Value Proposition•  Case Studies•  Opportunity Areas
  22. 22. Foundation Sectors•  Higher Education (Universities) –  165 in the UK•  Further Education (Colleges) –  407 in the UK•  Schools –  c30,000 in the UK•  Various Education related organisations
  23. 23. Higher Education Institutions•  Huge Sector – from 280 to 208000 students per institution•  Biggest conventional – Manchester with 40000 students, 10000 staff (4500 academic and research)•  “Average” – 4000 staff, 2000 academic & research, 15000 students•  Diversity
  24. 24. A World Leading University through the Social EnterpriseStudent & Social Constituent Profile ExternalEmployee Social EngagementNetworks Partners Recruiting KnowledgeEnrolment Transfer Listen &and AnalyzeRegistration Student Portals Alumni Collaboration Mgmt Career Student Services Service & Services Social Engage Teaching & Marketing Learning Automate & Extend
  25. 25. Student & Social Constituent Profile ExternalEmployee Social EngagementNetworks Partners & Recruiting Employers Business Further EducationEnrolment Engagement Listen &and AnalyzeRegistration Student Alumni & Portals Stakeholder Collaboration Mgmt Career Student Services Service & Services Social Engage Marketing Automate & Extend
  26. 26. Build and nurturerelationships with Manage services for Share ideas and What Can Educationemployees, students,alumni and student life, alumni affairs and more insights across the institution Institutions do in the Cloud?businessesThe world’s leading Listen, engage and Build applicationscloud computing analyse in social quickly and easilymarketplace media
  27. 27. Over 840 Education CustomersUniversities, colleges and Education sector NFP institutions
  28. 28. Dartmouths Tuck School of BusinessCreating Career Connections using Chatter •  Students participate in groups based on their career interests so they can engage in conversations specific to those interests •  Search companies, resources and people grouped into “Playlists” •  Timely career updates company information and “Inside Scoops” •  Students receive company updates in real- time, based on the Playlists they follow
  29. 29. Integration with Student Records Systems After initial success and user adoption, further development was required for integration of student records system The Central School of Speech Enthusiastic user adoption Reduce rekeying of student data and Drama Improve visibility and student experience Accurate forecasts and student demographicsThis collaborative way of working supports our key university agendasof using technology to streamline processes, making us more efficient,improving our general user experience and lessening the impact of ouroperations on the environment.
  30. 30. Art of the Possible•  Stanford Medical School•
  31. 31. Opportunity Areas•  CRM – Student Recruitment •  Marketing Cloud –•  CRM – Business Listening and Monitoring Engagement •  Collaboration•  CRM – FE Apprenticeships, –  Faculty, Research, Operations Employer Engagement –  Executive Engagement•  Service – Student Services •  Any Vertical Application•  Platform – Career Services •  Connecting the Silos –  Multiple “best of breed” apps –  No consistent view
  32. 32. Thank YouQuestions?
  33. 33. Introduction to the Premier Success Plans Carlos Cabrera Premier Success Manager Stephane Maurin Success Account Manager /Salesforce.comFoundation @SFDCFoundation
  34. 34. Personalized services, technical All the benefits of Premier, Online tools and support support and online training plus administration services to get you started to build and sustain success to accelerate your success CUSTOMER SUCCESS CUSTOMER SUCCESS CUSTOMER SUCCESS§  Self-service resources including Help §  Best practices to drive user adoption §  Best practices to drive user adoption site, knowledge base and community & productivity & productivity §  Release readiness programs §  Release readiness programs §  Assigned success resource* §  Assigned success resource* SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT§  Online case submission §  24x7 toll-free phone and online §  24x7 toll-free phone and online§  2-business day response §  1-hour initial response for critical issues §  1-hour initial response for critical issues §  Premier developer support §  Premier developer support TRAINING TRAINING TRAINING§  "Getting Started" online catalog §  Unlimited access to online Premier §  Unlimited access to online Premier training catalog training catalog §  Role-based learning paths §  Role-based learning paths §  Customizable training templates §  Customizable training templates ADMINISTRATION §  A team of certified experts to maintain your Salesforce solution*with 200+ CRM users or $50,000 in annual Premier Success fees
  35. 35. Success Resources, Support and Training for All SuccessPrograms and Customizable Resources Training Fast 24x7 Global Role-based Support Training Developer Support
  36. 36. Success Resources, Support and Training for All Adds Admin Services SuccessPrograms and Administration Resources Services Fast 24x7 Customizable Global Training Support Developer Role-based Support Training
  37. 37. Thank you !Carlos Cabreraccabrera@salesforce.comStephane
  38. 38. Success Resources, Support and Training for All SuccessPrograms and Customizable Resources Training Fast 24x7 Global Role-based Support Training Developer Support
  39. 39. Grow Your Success with Salesforce Success Unlimited Online 24X7 GlobalResources Training Technical Support
  40. 40. Get Fast Expert Response with 24x7 Global Support1-Hour Initial Response for Critical Issues 365x24x7 Phone Coverage600+ Technical Experts 13 Locations 11 Languages
  41. 41. Build Custom Apps Faster with Developer Support Developer Support §  Apex and Visualforce best practices §  Error troubleshooting for up to 200 code lines §  Performance analysis
  42. 42. Increase Productivity with Training for All Roles100+ Online CoursesIncluding our mostpopular instructor-ledcourses delivered in anonline, self-paced format:§  Administration Essentials§  Building Applications Using and Visualforce§  Apex and Visualforce Controllers
  43. 43. Reduce Time to Value With Customizable Training We Give You You Customize the Raw Training Materials Templates Storyboards Demo Scripts
  44. 44. Increase User Adoption with Success Services Welcome Call and Role-Based Learning Premier Success Paths, Training PlansGetting Started Toolkit and Analytics Drive Ongoing Business Value with Success Programs and Resources Release Readiness Usage Metrics & Programs Benchmarks
  45. 45. Expand Your Expertise with CommunitiesPremier Success Chatter groups for release readiness knowledge and best practices sharing with other customers
  46. 46. Success Resources, Support and Training for All Adds Admin Services SuccessPrograms and Administration Resources Services Fast 24x7 Customizable Global Training Support Developer Role-based Support Training
  47. 47. Increases Productivity A team of Salesforce-certified experts helps maintain your Salesforce solution Key services: §  User, role and profile management §  Reports and dashboards creation §  Business process automation with workflowsFreeing you up from day-to-day administration tasks to focus on your strategic objectives.
  48. 48. Expands Your TeamExpand your team’s capacity•  We’ll handle the routine updates to your configuration•  See complete list of services in Premier Success datasheetHow does it work?•  Take online Admin Essentials Training –  Included with Premier! –  Learn the basics, so we speak the same language.•  You provide business requirements –  Using templates•  The Admin team updates your system –  During local business hours