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Cloudforce Sydney 2012 - Social Enterprise for Financial Services


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Gavin Jones and Lee Marshall of Salesforce's Financial Services Team present on how FinServ businesses need to transform into Social Enterprises. This deck also has some excellent case studies by Andrew Murrell of Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) who is the General Manager Digital and Social Marketing, Scott Gunther, the Senior Manager, Proposition Development for CGU Insurance and Craig Poynton of – Strategic Engagement Manager, Customers For Life.

This was presented during a Breakout Session at Cloudforce Sydney 2012
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Cloudforce Sydney 2012 - Social Enterprise for Financial Services

  1. 1. Social Enterprise for FinancialServicesGavin Jones - Sales Director, Financial Services A/NZLee Marshall - Principal Sales Engineer, Financial Services A/NZ in/glsjones
  2. 2. Ten Year Computing Cycles10X more users with each cycle 2010’s Social 2000’s Revolution 1990’s Mobile 1980’s Desktop Cloud Client/Server Cloud Computing 1970’s Mini 1960’s Computing Computing Computing Mainframe Computing Data Business Process Web Mobile SocialManagement Logic Apps Automation Apps Apps Apps Apps Apps
  3. 3. Financial Services No Different Social & Mobile Currency Online Banking ATMs and and Electronic Inter-bank Payments Bricks and Exchange Mortar BanksTrusted, Local Automation, Self-Service, Real-time, Personal Depersonalization Paperless Interactive
  4. 4. We’re In a Time of Change Click here to add bullets
  5. 5. Social is Shaking Up The Financial ServicesIndustry 60,000 130,000 followers
  6. 6. Social is Revolutionary Molly Katchpole 22-year old nanny from Washington, D.C. Protests $5/month banking fees
  7. 7. The Social Divide: Clients and Companies Your clients and What about employees are social. your company?
  8. 8. How do Financial Services companies bridge the social divide?
  9. 9. Delight Customers and Employees In New Ways Product SocialEmployee Social NetworkNetwork Social Pro le Collaborate Product Work SOCIAL ENTERPRISE Engage Extend Listen Sell Publish Service Customer Social Network
  10. 10. Examples: Global More than 5,000 Financial Services firms use
  11. 11. Examples: Australia/NZ Banking Institutional & Markets General Insurance Life / Health Insurance Wealth Management
  12. 12. Demo Introduction• Social Customer Profile for a personalized customer experience• Providing social insights in a scalable way• Employee productivity through social business processes• Radian6 for social analysis and customer engagement Product Social Employee Social Network Network Social Pro le Collaborate Product Work SOCIAL ENTE PR R ISE Engage Extend Listen Sell Publish Service Customer Social Network
  13. 13. Introduction to PanelistsCBA – Andrew Murrell – General ManagerDigital and Social MarketingCGU – Scott Gunther – Senior Manager,Proposition DevelopmentSFDC – Craig Poynton – StrategicEngagement Manager, Customers For Life
  14. 14. Commonwealth BankSocial BusinessAndrew MurrellGeneral Manager Digital & SocialJune 2012 / @CommBank @AndrewMurrell68
  15. 15. CommBank Online #1 #1 53% #1 & #2 Online banking In the youth of all payments itunes apps segment #1 Leading Mobile Apps across 1st Leading contactless Social & Real-time platforms merchants Facebook banking >6.5m >2.0m Relationship #1 Contactless customers customers on with 1 in 2 (5M PayPass online mobile Australians enabled cards)15
  16. 16. 13 hours 1 out of 8 25% of 20,000,000 of video uploaded to YouTube every Married couples met Americans watched a short video on join Facebook fan page 4th Most Twitter online every day minute their phone… Users Twitter 830,000+2/3 Growing join 48% 9 in 10 67,000+ join LinkedInof internet at 1382% Facebook sharing Seekingusers visit opinions of daily daily Growth contentsocial othersnetworks per yearFacebook 25,000, 000,0002nd items shared by Facebook users 800,000,000 people on Facebook 30% 38% every month on facebook Interactedmost popular (per day) with a brandwebsite in 50% visiting dailyAustralia16
  17. 17. Why do we care about Social Business?• Increasingly customer experience with a brand is being driven through content and social recommendation engines.• Leadership in paid and natural search is becoming a prerequisite to commercial success (80% of customer purchase journeys start with an online search).• CBA is the most searched term in financial services in Australia but the impact of social results on those searches is only just beginning.• By embracing social media platforms, technologies, communities and cultures we CAN drive staff engagement, customer satisfaction and shareholder value.
  18. 18. CommBank Social in 2012 Leveraging the internal audience Continue to build the Social platform Social Support to increase efficiency of scaling online & mobile. Reduce overall cost of service and support Improve merchandising of products on mobile devices and web. Increase customer feedback & input Embrace social BI and analytics to increase MFI through targeting of social activity Continue to build and market to communities of interest
  19. 19. 19
  20. 20.
  21. 21. The Next Frontier:Social, Mobile, Cloud2012 Cloudforce – Sydney, AustraliaJune 2012
  22. 22. CGU InsuranceAustralia’s largest regional & rural insurerMajor provider of SME & Corporate insuranceMajor provider of Workers Compensation insurance~8% of total Australian general insurance market~14% of total Intermediated general insurance marketAnnual Gross Written Premium >$A2.4bn
  23. 23. Socially Active
  24. 24. Socially Active
  25. 25. Getting Social
  26. 26. CGU Padlock
  27. 27. CGU Padlock
  28. 28. Social Media 2012 1 Becoming a truly social enterprise – internal & external 2 Gain valuable business insights by listening intelligently 3 Crowdsourcing fresh ideas from biggest influencers 4 More than just text – expanding interactive media 5 Using social in a crisis to turn the frustrated into fans 6 Enhancing metrics & measures to align to business goals 7 Developing targeted lead generation programs
  29. 29. Social Enterprise CGU Social Enterprise Customer A Product Digital A Customer Intermediaries Product B State B Product Product C Broker D Groups CGU External Collaboration CGU Social Media Monitoring
  30. 30. Be Part of the Revolution
  31. 31. Craig Poynton – Senior Manager,Solution Delivery
  32. 32. Craig Poynton - Senior Manager Solution Delivery Joined Salesforce in September 2007 after spending a number of years with CapGemini in the UK as well as some time contracting. Has worked for Salesforce in New Zealand, Thailand and now based in Sydney. FinServ Vertical lead in Asia Pacific for Consulting Experience in both IT and Business in Financial Services. Previous incarnations have been IFA, Mortgage Broker, Bank Manager & various Retail Banking roles. Salesforce Certifications in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Advanced Admin and Developer
  33. 33. Don’t Forget to Submit Your Survey!Stop by the registration kiosks to complete your sessionsurveys. We have 200 KeepCups to give away as well as the chance to win a $500 iTunes voucher! Thank you! NSW Permit No. LTPS/12/05010