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Dreamforce 2011 Social Enterprise Keynote @benioff @salesforce


Published on Chairman & CEO Marc Benioff presented this keynote at Dreamforce 2011 on August 31, 2011 at San Francisco's Moscone Convention Center. Marc Benioff presented Salesforce's vision of how its cloud computing solutions can transform companies into Social Enterprises, enabling organizations to delight their customers in amazing new ways. View the keynote videos at:

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Dreamforce 2011 Social Enterprise Keynote @benioff @salesforce

  2. Safe HarborSafe harbor statement under the Private SecuritiesLitigation Reform Act of 1995:This presentation may contain forward-looking other litigation, risks associated with possible mergersstatements that involve risks, uncertainties, and and acquisitions, the immature market in which weassumptions. If any such uncertainties materialize or if operate, our relatively limited operating history, ourany of the assumptions proves incorrect, the results of ability to expand, retain, and motivate our, inc. could differ materially from the and manage our growth, new releases of our serviceresults expressed or implied by the forward-looking and successful customer deployment, our limited historystatements we make. All statements other than reselling products, and utilizationstatements of historical fact could be deemed forward- and selling to larger enterprise customers. Furtherlooking, including any projections of product or service information on potential factors that could affect theavailability, subscriber growth, earnings, revenues, or financial results of, inc. is included in ourother financial items and any statements regarding annual report on Form 10-Q for the most recent fiscalstrategies or plans of management for future operations, quarter ended April 30, 2011. This documents andstatements of belief, any statements concerning new, others containing important disclosures are available onplanned, or upgraded services or technology the SEC Filings section of the Investor Informationdevelopments and customer contracts or use of our section of our Web Any unreleased services or features referenced in thisThe risks and uncertainties referred to above include – or other presentations, press releases or publicbut are not limited to – risks associated with developing statements are not currently available and may not beand delivering new functionality for our service, new delivered on time or at all. Customers who purchase ourproducts and services, our new business model, our services should make the purchase decisions basedpast operating losses, possible fluctuations in our upon features that are currently available.operating results and rate of growth, interruptions or, inc. assumes no obligation and doesdelays in our Web hosting, breach of our security not intend to update these forward-looking statements.measures, the outcome of intellectual property and
  3. Our Mission: Cloud Computing Driver, Catalyst & Evangelist Enterprise Cloud Computing 1960s 1980s TodayMainframe Client/Server
  4. First Cloud Company to Exceed $2.1 BillionAnnual Run Rate $2.1 Billion 100,000+ Annual run rate Customers 36 Billion Transactions per quarter
  5. Salesforce Foundation 1% time equity product 12,000 non-profit organizations 270,000+ hours service $24 million+ grants
  6. Ten Year Computing Cycles 10X more users with each cycle 2010’s Social Revolution 2000’s Mobile 1990’s Cloud 1980’s Client/ Desktop Computing Server Cloud 1970’s Mini Computing Computing 1960’s ComputingMainframeComputing Data Business Process Web Mobile SocialManagement Logic Apps Automation Apps Apps Apps Apps Apps
  7. Social Revolution: Social Networking Surpasses Email 1.1 Social Users billion social users Email Users 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011Source: Comscore, June 2011
  8. Social Revolution: The Web is Shrinking Web Usage (minutes) 4 hours per month Rest of the Web 2010Sources: Ben Elowitz, Wetpaint / comScore 2011
  9. Social Revolution: Mobile Apps Used More than Web Browsers 81 minutes Facebook per day mobile users Mobile Apps are 2X more Browser active than desktop users. - facebook.comSource: comScore, Alexa, Flurry Analytics
  10. Social Revolution: Employees Forcing an Unprecedented Pace of Change CIOs Surveyed on Tablet Usage ...fastest “ ramping mobile ” 2011 device ever. Employee- Purchased for Employees Not Allowed owned 2010Morgan Stanley, “Tablet Demand and Disruption”, February 14, 2011.
  11. But the social revolution has created a social divide.
  12. The Social Divide: Customers and Companies Your customers and What about employees are social. your company?
  13. How does your enterprise bridge the social divide?
  14. Delight Your Customers and Employees Social Enterprise 1 Social Customer Profile Product & Collaborate Partners Connect & Sell Listen & Analyze Service & Automate & Social Engage Extend Marketing2 Employee 3 Customer Social Social Networks Networks & Product Social Networks
  15. The Core of the Social Enterprise:Multi-tenant Cloud Computing Fast Open No Hardware Logic/data Portability No Software Any Device Easy Everyone Automatic Upgrades Democratic Pay-as-you-go Economical
  16. Delighting Customers is Knowing Who They Are and What They “Like” Who are What are Who are they they saying? theyconnected connected to? to?
  17. The World’s First Social, Mobile, and Open Database Social Mobile OpenWorld’s Most Social data REST APIs Platform-Trusted Cloud model toolkits for agnostic Database Android APIs Profiles, feeds, status updates and iOS OAuth is now generally available
  18. Step 2: Create An Employee Social NetworkEmployee Social Network CollaborateConnect & Sell Service & Automate & Engage Extend
  19. Chatter is the Leader in EmployeeSocial Networks 100,000+ Active Companies Average Percentage Improvements Reported by Customers Collaboration for the Social Enterprise Profiles Groups App Updates Feeds File Sharing Status Updates
  20. Coming Soon with Winter ’12: Chatter Now Chatter Connect Available in Chatter REST Presence Chat API Chatter for Winter ’12 Screen Sharing* SharePoint (October 2011) Chatter Chatter Chatter Customer Groups Inline Filters Approvals*Screen Sharing is expected to pilot in Spring ’12
  21. Social EnterpriseConnect & Sell
  22. Winter ’12 Goes Social for Sales Chatter Winter ’12 Sales Expected in October Sell as a team and close 2011 deals faster Social Collaborative Contacts Forecasts View social data from Collaborate on your team’s the contact record forecasts in a new UI Over 150 new features in Winter ’12
  23. Shorten Sales Cycles with theIndustry’s Most Complete Business Data Leading Data Providers Import accurate data Email Address Phone Employee # Clean Twitter Revenue your data Handle Division Title Access 30 Million 180 millions Contacts Million Accounts of contacts and accounts
  24. Social Enterprise Service& Engage
  25. Service Cloud: Bring Your CustomerService into the Employee Social Network 16,000+ Companies Third-party Research of Average Improvements Reported by Customers Customer Service for the Social Enterprise Agent Collaboration Social Monitoring Knowledge Contact Center Communities Dashboards & Reports
  26. Social Enterprise Automate & Extend
  27. Social EnterprisePlatform for Employee Apps Social Mobile Open Real-time Integrated social Deploy apps on APIs to connect Real-time framework any device to any app workflow Real-time analytics
  28. Step 3: Develop a Customer Social Network Customer Social Networks & Product Social Networks Product & Partners Listen & Analyze Social Marketing
  29. Heroku is Now Open for JavaDevelopers for A path to the Social Enterprise for 6 million java developers. Fully integrated into the Heroku platform: Instant scale Full visibility Frictionless deployment Add-on ecosystem
  30. Social Enterprise Listen & Analyze
  31. Difficult to Track ConversationsAcross Customer Social Networks What are your customers saying?
  32. Radian6: Leader in Social Monitoring Blogs Listen Analyze Engage
  33. Social Enterprise Products & Partners
  34. Social Applications and Platform Open API’s
  35. The Social Enterprise Delivered Social Enterprise
  36. Open the Door to the Social Enterprise Social Enterprise License Agreement Every product for every employee Unlimited usage of Salesforce products Predictable cost
  37. THANK YOU@benioff | |