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The Social Enterprise Platform - Dreamforce '11 Keynote @benioff @salesforce


Published on Chairman & CEO Marc Benioff presented this Day 2 Keynote on the topic of the Social Enterprise Platform at Dreamforce 2011. Marc Benioff outlines the social revolution taking place and how next generation enterprise applications that are social, mobile and open are built using the Social Enterprise Platform. Delight your customers and employees in a whole new ays by 1) building your employee network 2) creating your social customer profile and 3) creating your customer social network.

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The Social Enterprise Platform - Dreamforce '11 Keynote @benioff @salesforce

  1. 1. Marc BenioffChairman & CEO
  2. 2. Each Ten Year Computing Cycle Requires a New Platform 2010’s Social Revolution Social Platforms 2000’s Mobile Cloud Computing 1990’s Desktop 1980’s Client/ Cloud Computing iOS, Android 1970’s Mini Server Computing 1960’s Mainframe Computing .NET, J2EE, Weblogic, Computing ODBC, Visual Basic, Web Sphere AS400, RDB, DB2,Oracle IMS, VM/CMS, VMS, DG, HP CICS, MVS
  3. 3. Social Revolution: Facebook Is The New SocialPlatform Top Internet Uses 22% internet time is Percent of Online Usage social Search 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Sources: Nielsen Wire, January, 2011. Morgan Stanley Internet Mobile Report, December 2009
  4. 4. Social Revolution: Facebook Apps Are Eating the Web 550,000 Facebook Apps built by independent developers Number of AppsSources: Washington Post, November, 2007.San Francisco Chronicle, July 2008Facebook, 2010
  5. 5. Social Revolution: Apple and Android App Store Apps Exploding 750,000 Apps Number of Apps7/08 10/08 4/09 7/09 11/09 4/10 9/10 6/11 Sources: Apple, 2008-2011 PC World, 2009; Maximum PC, 2009; Android Central, 2010-11; Official Android Blog, 2011;
  6. 6. Social Revolution: Enterprise Users are Ready CIOs Surveyed on Tablet Usage 2011 Employee Purchased for Employees “ ...fastest ramping Not Allowed -owned mobile device ” ever. 2010Morgan Stanley, “Tablet Demand and Disruption”, February 14, 2011.
  7. 7. Social Revolution: Social Enterprise Apps Available onthe AppExchange 1250+ Apps Number of Apps
  8. 8. How do you create your next generation enterprise apps?
  9. 9. The New Enterprise Platform is Social, Mobile, Real-Time, Open Social Enterprise Platform Social Mobile Open Real-time Feeds Right Open Standards Real-time notifications Profiles Experience Open Technologies Real-time workflow Files Any Device Open Interfaces Real-time feeds Social Graph Customizable Open Languages
  10. 10. What tools are you using tobuild your Social Enterprise?
  11. 11. The Salesforce Social Enterprise,, HerokuCreate Your Employee Create Your Social Create Your Customer Social Network Customer Profile Social NetworkAutomate and extend processes Store social profile Agile develop and deploy Workflow, logic, analytics data Unified data model, Open platform and ecosystem Cloud, social, mobile open integration Integrate to public social networks
  12. 12. Salesforce Delivering the #1 EnterpriseCloud Platform 36% of CIOs expect to use Salesforce Source: Morgan Stanley CIO Survey, 2011
  13. 13. Customers are Building Their Custom Appson our Platform 410,000 Apps Number of Apps
  14. 14. AppExchange is the Proven EnterpriseCloud Marketplace 1,300 Apps $500 Million Marketplace ~1 Million installs Number of Installs
  15. 15. Delight Your Customers and Employees in a WholeNew Way Social Enterprise Step 2: Create Your Step 1: Create Your Step 3: Create YourEmployee Social Network Social Customer Profile Customer Social Network
  16. 16. The Database for the Social Enterprise World’s First Social, Mobile, Open Database 36 Billion Social Data Model Toolkits for Android and iOS database Shared Security Platform Agnostic APIs transactions per Model quarter RESTful APIs OAuth
  17. 17. Choose How to Store Your Data Data Residency Option (DRO) Store sensitive data in your data or in the Salesforce data center... center. Choice of data storage Compliance with many corporate or government policies Expected general availability in early 2012
  18. 18. is Available for Everyone TodayOver 1000 Databases Provisioned in the First 12 Hours Since GA Free to get started 100,000 records 50,000 transactions / month 3 enterprise users Enterprise Pricing (per month) $10 / additional 100,000 records $10 / 150,000 transactions $10 / enterprise user $10 / 100 light users
  19. 19. Step 2: Create Your Employee Social Network
  20. 20. The Platform for the EmployeeSocial Network Leading Platform for Social and Mobile Employee Apps Declarative Chatter Built-in 250,000 Workflow & Logic Mobile-ready Apps Analytics Open APIs
  21. 21. Automate Your Business by BuildingSocial Apps Declarative Apex Visualforce Logic Programmatic Logic Analytics Security & Sharing Collaboration Touch Rules
  22. 22. We’re Taking to a New Level inWinter ’12 Social Mobile Chatter Connect HTML5 Open Declarative Streaming Apex REST API Visual Workflow Siteforce API Cloud Designer
  23. 23. Step 3: Create Your Customer SocialNetworks and Product Social Networks
  24. 24. The Leading Platform for Customer Social Apps
  25. 25. Multi-Language Cloud App Platform
  26. 26. Developers Love Heroku “ I use heroku everyday and “ On cloud 9 #heroku #is ” #awesome. every day I think about how ” magical it is. >170,000 Apps
  27. 27. Instant Deployment: $git push heroku master
  28. 28. Scale from 10 to 10 million users: $heroku scale web = 100
  29. 29. Over 50 Add-On Developer Services $heroku addons add: logging-expanded
  30. 30. 100% Open
  31. 31. Heroku for Java: Available Now for Learn more at
  32. 32. Announcing...Heroku Enterprise Packages Ruby and Java for the Enterprise Continuous Deployment 24 / 7 Support App Monitoring Predictable Costs - starting at $4,000 / month Learn more at