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Salesforce Platform: Governance and the Social Enterprise


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The road to the Social Enterprise is transformative, but IT departments need to ensure a smooth transition. Join us to learn first hand from customers who have made the journey, how they defined and managed the change with a well crafted governance strategy.

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Salesforce Platform: Governance and the Social Enterprise

  1. 1. Governance and the SocialEnterpriseJames Hindes, The Standard, Director of Enterprise CRMLou Fox, Blue Wolf Group, CTOJames Burns,, Director - Platform
  2. 2. Agenda • Introductions • A Strategic Governance Framework for the Salesforce Platform • The Standard’s Journey to Cloud Governance • Q&A
  3. 3. James BurnsDirector – PlatformCommunity Solution Advisors
  4. 4. All about James Burns Company – Role - Director – Platform Community Solution Advisors Salesforce experience - 18 month 30 years Enterprise Architecture and design
  5. 5. Strategic Governance Framework Center of Excellence Change Control Governance Coding Standards Organization Planning
  6. 6. CoE Drives Strategic Alignment and Ensures Value 1 2 3 4 People Processes Knowledge Technology CoEs drive the execution of processes by which organizations identify, prioritize, assign, execute and communicate while optimally leveraging people, processes, knowledge, and technology.
  7. 7. Change Control Basically to manage successful projects its needs 3 key ingredients:   The correct Processes for the job at hand.   The correct people.   The use of the correct techniques for the job at hand.
  8. 8. Traditional via Cloud•  Over the years many great IT projects have delivered successfully.•  With Cloud we can build on these processes and techniques.•  No need to reinvent them.
  9. 9. The Single Org vs Multi Org Dilemma Do I deploy my applications within a single instance of Salesforce or create separate instances?
  10. 10. Decision Process MethodologyBusiness Considerations Technical Considerations•  Solution speed to market •  Data security level•  Flexibility and adaptability •  Sharing of data across Salesforce•  Frequency of change applications•  Predictability of delivery •  Record level access rights•  Regional, global user base •  User profiles•  Commonality of business process across the •  Business reporting requirements company •  Salesforce Org level security and system•  Collaboration use cases administration complexity•  Cross-application access across Salesforce •  Common functionality between applications applications to backend systems eg SAP •  Do the applications need to share data
  11. 11. Coding Standards Apex VisualForce Triggers Exception Handling
  12. 12. Strategic Governance Framework Lightweight Not expensive Governance Reduces risk Increases agility
  13. 13. The Standard’s Journeyto Cloud GovernanceJames Hindes – Director Enterprise CRMLou Fox – CTO, Blue Wolfe
  14. 14. StanCorps subsidiaries serve approximately 7.5 millionunique customers nationwide as of June 30, 2011, withgroup and individual disability insurance, group life,AD&D and dental insurance, retirement plans productsand services, individual annuities and investmentadvice.James HindesDirector Enterprise CRMjames.hindes@standard.comph: 971.321.7470
  15. 15. Partners with clients to help them becomeAgile Enterprises• 12 years of success with Salesforce• 3000+ implementations• Established Cloud Governance practiceLou FoxCTOCloud Governance & Bluewolf Beyondlfox@bluewolf.comph: 646.230.1980
  16. 16. Agenda"  How did The Standard get here?"  What is Cloud Governance?"  Why is it important?"  The Standard’s approach"  Results
  17. 17. How did The Standard get here?
  18. 18. The Challenge: Premise vs. Cloud Cloud Governance Premise Governance: "   System for decision "   Resource scarcity making and execution "   Portfolio "   Drive and measure growth "   Provisioning and "   Resources across groups Security "   Controls Driven by Business (in The Standard’s case) Driven by IT Process drives collaboration Process can alienate business
  19. 19. Cloud GovernanceA framework to maintainalignment between businessstrategy and technicalevolution where the onlything that should slow thepace of releases is thespeed at which users canadapt to change.
  20. 20. How we built and deployed our Governance structureI.  Director of CRMII.  Guiding PrinciplesIII.  Process DefinitionIV.  Decision MakingV.  ExecutionVI.  Build & ReleaseVII.  Change Management
  21. 21. Director of CRM• New, influential position• Reports to Business Leader• Has IT background• Owns budget for ongoing innovation• Manages enterprise CRM roadmap• Facilitates all Governance Boards• Leverages IT resources
  22. 22. Examples - Guiding Principles"   Modernization systems to make future innovations easiers"   A culture of empathy pervading the support organization"   Focus on speed with stability from macro to micro"   Make decisions as low as possible in the organization
  23. 23. Our Model – What’s the process? Super Sys Tech Release User ? Decisions User Admin TeamBusiness      IT     a b our detailed process won’t help you build yours to suit
  24. 24. Our Model - Who has the “D”?Executive Steering • Roadmap (who, what, when) Quality Team • Cross Functional Enhancements Business System Admins and Sponsors • Intra-Unit EnhancementsDirector Enterprise CRM • Decision Facilitation
  25. 25. Our Model – Who Executes? •  Certified admins: Configure, Sometimes Code Business •  Embedded, sometimes shared •  User Experience and Testing •  SIC IT + Bluewolf Beyond: Analyze / Configure /Technical Team Design / Code Release •  Promotion through environments Management •  Organizational Change Management Adoption •  Adoption Strategy
  26. 26. Build & Release: Make Best Practices Come Alive"   Automatic Regression Testing"   Trace-ability"   Builds and releases managed by non-developers
  27. 27. Results"   We are deploying faster than ever "   8 releases 5/20-9/14, now monthly "   User base is shocked, thrilled "   People want to work on this"   We are collaborating "   Culturally challenging "   Keep working together "   Keep thinking across lines
  28. 28. Lessons Learned"   Manage adoption to the governance model "   New roles, resource commitments, doubters"   If you distribute load across the company: "   Ensure resource commitments "   Keep senior technical people focused on senior work"   Make decisions as low as possible in the organization"   Adjust, Adjust, Adjust"   Broadcast success
  29. 29. James Hindes Lou Fox James Burns The Standard Blue Wolf Salesforce