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How to Transform Your Idea into an App on AppExchange

Bring your app to life! Learn how to transform your idea into an app on AppExchange in five steps with this infographic.

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How to Transform Your Idea into an App on AppExchange

  1. 1. 1 Set yourself up for success by joining the Partner Community. Build Make your idea a reality! Sign up for a free Development Org to build your app or connector. Package A managed package protects your source code and allows you to distribute, update, and support your app. Review Security Review helps establish trust between you and Salesforce customers. Prepare for it early in your development process. Design Attract prospects with a compelling AppExchange listing that helps customers understand your value with demos, screenshots, pricing, and even on-the-spot trials or installs. 2 4 5 Join 3 • Explore the Partner Community for best practices and collaborate with other Salesforce Partners • Learn about which Partner path is right for you, along with any contracting and required approvals • Use Trailhead to expand your Salesforce Developer skills • Build using secure coding best practices so you are prepared for Security Review 1-2 minute demo Discover more about managed packages in the Salesforce Developer Guide Review the Security Review page on the Partner Community for more details Bring your app to life Transform your idea into an app on AppExchange in 5 steps! Congratulations! Want to continue exploring? Learn more here or sign up for our Salesforce Partner and talk with an expert. YOU HAVE A LISTING ON APPEXCHANGE! Once you pass Security Review, you can publish your app! Free Trial!