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The Future of Banking

Delivering great experiences for our customers is now more important than ever, it creates deep emotional connections to your products and brands, driving loyalty and business growth. We’re not short of ideas, particularly based on improving the services already offered. The real challenge is moving to new ways of working and technology platforms that allows us to better understand the needs of our customers over time and to quickly evolve our services to best address them. We need to increase the visibility and control of customer data. We need to leverage machine learning-driven to determine how best to engage at an individual level. We need safe and fast system integration across the entire customer engagement ecosystem. We need to be agile and responsive in how we deliver change, marketing and operations. Deloitte will share their views on the art of the possible of this new means of manufacture and how Deloitte and Salesforce can help you make the leap to it.

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The Future of Banking

  1. 1. The Future of Banking Powered by Salesforce
  2. 2. Human Experiences
  3. 3. 3 Experience matters. More than ever the experience we provide is playing a leading role in why customers are choosing and staying with their Banks What is important to SME customers? We recently did a study on what was most important to Small Business Customer when it came to them when it comes to accessing lend Certainty of outcome Having confidence that at the end of the process they will get access to the funds they need. Time to cash How quickly can they get through the process and he the funds into their their account. Transparency Customer what a clear and honest view of the process and progress with in that process. Price Consistent came in 4th in terms of customer priorities
  4. 4. 4 Everything is branding. If you’re a contact lens company, comfort is branding. So is packaging, research and development, and the rewards program. If you’re a hotel chain, thread count is branding. So is hold music, reservation systems, and real- time content. If you’re a retailer, inventory management is branding. So is the loyalty program, longform video and mobile app design. If you’re a Bank, splitting a bill is branding. So is account opening, helping a victim of fraud, replacing a lost card.
  5. 5. 5 How we help a victim of fraud Lost card on a night out Help a small business access funds Powering the customer experience with a great employee experience.
  6. 6. 6 Experience Brand innovation, content, and connected experiences are more important than ever. Creativity is a behavior, not a tool, and it must be practiced by the whole organization, not just one department. That’s why we infuse creative thinking, perspectives and services into everything we do to challenge expectations and solve the right problems for our clients and their customers. Means of Manufacture We have moved to a new means of manufacture. New tools, technologies and ways of work have change the way we can imagine, deliver and run services for our customers. Trends like cloud, devOps, analytics and AI when leveraged correctly have shown significant improvements in the speed and quality of how we evolve our services and the happiness and productivity of our people
  7. 7. The age of digital
  8. 8. What do we do? And how can Saleforce help
  9. 9. 9 Doing it Together The goal is to address both of these challenges together. It’s not about separate teams trying to fix their siloed challenges It’s about putting in place an architecture that supports how your teams want to work Addressing the data challenge so we understand more about our customers Giving our employees the tools they need to improve customer services
  10. 10. 10 Technology Enablers Technology Functions Our Digital Banking Platform The Deloitte Digital Banking Platform is our ready-to-install platform and toolkit that leverages Deloitte’s assets, ecosystem and alliances to provide the building blocks that accelerate delivery through to a first production release. It forms the foundations for Deloitte’s range of products and services. 1. Data Catalogue 3. Workflow 4. Analytics & Marketing 5. Integration 2. API Gateway 10. Operational Alerts 8. Entitlement Framework 7. Event Driven Architecture 9. Identity 6. Open Platform Organisation Enablers 11. Onboarding 12. Core Banking System 13. Cards & Payments 14. Customer Engagement 15. Insight 16. Customer Notifications 17. Delivery methodology 18. Agile reporting templates 19. Epics and User Stories 20. Artefact templates Documented as a production system. Including: • Architecture and technical designs • Creative designs, Personas etc. • Service Blueprints / Op Models
  11. 11. 11 Salesforce Enable Core Banking Processes through Salesforce partners eco- system (loan origination,…) Engage with Customers (feedback, social interactions, NBA/NBO, educate,..) Digitalize Client Interaction Processes (onboarding, appointment, digital signature, cobrowse, chatbot..) Access a 720° Customer View (extension of the Salesforce data model) Digital Bank Support Regulatory Requirements (MiFID II, Risk Form..)
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