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Dictionary wild animals [salva miralles]


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Vocabulary to study wild animals in the third year of Primary.
There are activities, links to internet sites and to songs and stories related to some of the animals.

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Dictionary wild animals [salva miralles]

  2. 2. W i l d in the Click pictures to listen ta n im a ls snake cro cod giraffe ile ti g mo e li nk r o ey ele n z pha e
  3. 3. Whats the name of each animW ild Say first and then click on thea n im a ls
  4. 4. W ilda n im a ls snake How snakes move and run:
  5. 5. W ild giraffea n im a ls Learn more about GIRAFFES on the Internet. Just right click on the picture:
  6. 6. W ild monkeya n im a ls Do you want to know some facts about MONKEYS? Just visit this site on the Internet:
  7. 7. W ild elephanta n im a ls Are there pink elephants? How many kind of elephants do you know? Visit this web site to get more information
  8. 8. W ild crocodilea n im a ls There are some songs and stories with crocodiles. Just click on each picture to listen:
  9. 9. W ilda n im a ls snake cro cod giraffe ile ti g mo e li nk r o ey ele n z pha e