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Bertini Samantha PPP


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Published in: Career
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Bertini Samantha PPP

  1. 1. Let’sGoOnTour Taking you on tour
  2. 2. Hellothere! Personal photograph My name is Samantha Bertini.
  3. 3. Alifelongjourney… tolearn. I am a life-long student, an avid learner, but I want to change the music world.
  4. 4. Inspirationandempowerment. Music is important to our health; it releases tension and stress, it empowers and inspires. It is all around us.
  5. 5. Memories. Inspiration. Passion. I’m going to take my knowledge and bring more artists into the music industry to create lifelong memories, inspire musicians and fulfill passions. My passion and yours.
  6. 6. LiveConcerts I have attended shows,
  7. 7. JamSessions Personal photograph Enjoyed live practice/jam sessions,
  8. 8. Allinamind’seye. Worked closely with bands to see what they do creatively,
  9. 9. Amusicianforadecade… I’ve been a musician for a decade,
  10. 10. Ilovetheopenroad. I love the open road
  11. 11. Relationshipsarekey. I love to see people happy and enjoy themselves
  12. 12. The music industry can be pretty rough considering its constant changes and it is not easy to get into
  13. 13. But I am here to help! I’m working on my B.S in Music Business at Full Sail University,
  14. 14. REALWORLDEXPERIENCE I’ve also done an internship with an indie record label.
  15. 15. SKILLS Skills
  16. 16. WORKINGUNDERPRESSURE ability to work under pressure
  17. 17. ADAPTABILITY adaptability
  18. 18. imagining innovative solutions
  19. 19. mediation
  20. 20. TIMEMANAGEMENT time management skills
  21. 21. PASTWORK past example of my work
  22. 22. personal image
  23. 23. personal image
  24. 24. Let’sGoOnTour I create ways to make a passion into a career. Let’s see what I can do to help you. Let’s go on tour.
  25. 25. CONTACT 508-826-3350 Twitter:@slbertini LinkedIn: bertini-688502a1 contact info
  26. 26. personal professional portfolio
  27. 27. References Slide one image: Slide two image: Personal Photograph. Slide three image: books-984236/ Slide four image: Slide five image: Slide six image: Slide seven image: Personal Photograph. Slide eight image: Slide nine image: Slide ten image: Slide eleven image: brother-862967/ Slide twelve image: guitar-801271/ Slide thirteen image: business-739107/ Slide fourteen image: black-21050/ Slide fifteen image: references
  28. 28. • slide 16 image: • slide 17 image: reptile-378557/ • slide 18 image: • slide 19 image: • slide 20 image: • slide 21 image: • slide 22 image: personal image • slide 23 image: personal image • slide 24 image: • slide 25 image: references