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Facebook Presentation


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How to use Facebook for Small Business. Presentation give at the Langley Center for New Media.

Published in: Social Media
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Facebook Presentation

  1. 1. Sami Postma EDC 3/24/2014
  2. 2. Key Terms • Wall Main page where the people you follow and your posts appear. Also called “News Feed” • Profile Personal account of an individual Facebook user. Also where you can view an individual’s photos and posts, and directly communicate with that individual • Page  Specialized account designed for business/group use • Friends Term for connections made on Facebook • Like Showing connection, appreciation, or acknowledgement of a post or photo; how you subscribe to a page
  3. 3. Wall
  4. 4. Wall Friend requests
  5. 5. Wall Chat
  6. 6. Wall Notifications
  7. 7. Wall Settings
  8. 8. Privacy
  9. 9. Settings
  10. 10. If you’d like more help with personal profile tools, such as cover photos, profile pictures, private messaging, etc, schedule an appointment with me. Sami Postma EDC (360) 678-6889
  11. 11. Pages
  12. 12. Pages
  13. 13. Pages
  14. 14. •For individual use •Can restrict who can find/follow you •Only other individual profiles can follow you •One login and password •No advertising options •Traditional name format requirements (first, last name) •5,000 friend limit •For business use •Anyone with a Facebook can follow •Another page can follow •Can add or remove admins •Advertising options on Facebook •No restrictions on naming •Unlimited followers
  15. 15. Messages
  16. 16. Posts
  17. 17. Posts Photos/Videos
  18. 18. Posts Milestones
  19. 19. Events
  20. 20. Schedule posts, add a location your post is happening at, or Posts add an image
  21. 21. Ads
  22. 22. Other Ways to Be Interactive Like, comment on, or share others’ posts (especially when they relate to your business) Respond when people post on your page or reply to your posts POST REGULARLY!
  23. 23. Support your fellow businesses
  24. 24. Follow the EDC!