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Enterprise architecture for big data projects


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Enterprise architecture for big data projects
solution architecture,big data,hadoop,hive,hbase,impala,spark,apache,cassandra,SAP HANA,Cognos big insights

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Enterprise architecture for big data projects

  1. 1. Enterprise Architecture for Big data projects Business Architecture Information Architecture Infrastructure Architecture Data Architecture Integration Architecture Service Architecture
  2. 2. Solution Architecture BI Solution Requireme nts Corporate Strategy BI Stakeholders BI Vision BI Strategy BI Mission Statement BI Solution Architectur e Business Architecture Infrastructure Architecture Data Architecture Service Architecture Integration Architecture Information Architecture
  3. 3. Business Architecture Business Architecture Business Objective Business Strategy Business Capabilities Business Process Areas Ways of Working Interviews Requirement Workshop Business Structure
  4. 4. Information Architecture Information Architecture Social Media:Facebook data from API Legacy System Social Media Data: Twitter Data Capture System Web Application data KANBAN Process ERP (Manufacturing) Landing Space Staging Tables ODC Denormaliz ed Column Families Row Key ERP 3NF Tables Reference Data Data Ownership Data Contracts Structural Design Shared Info Env. Flow & Lineage Meaning and Use
  5. 5. Application Architecture Application Architecture noSQL databases: HBASE, Cassandra, MongoDB Relational databases (Source /Target): Oracle,SQL Server,Terradata Graph databases: Neo4j and Giraph Hadoop Technologies: HDFS In memory/MPP/Search: Shark,Spark,Impala,SAP HANA, Visualisation/Reporting: Tableau,Pentaho,qlickview Data Integration: (Talend/Informatica/BODI,Pentaho DI) How All Application Hook Together Data Warehouse: (Hive, Relational Datawarehouse,SAP HANA)
  6. 6. Infrastructure Architecture Infrastructur e Architecture Storage Communication Data Federation Data Virtualization Cloud Security HA/DR Recovery/Backup Licensing Models Versioning / Patching Hardware/ VM Procurement Sizing Production Test Development
  7. 7. Data Architecture Data Architecture ETL Sources Data Governance Metadata Data Quality Data Profiling MDM Big data Near Real time Real time ODS Reference Data Physical /logical Data model Dimensional Modelling Entity Modelling Data Warehouse
  8. 8. Data Integration Architecture Data Integration Architecture ETL ETL Subsystem Sources Data Governance Metadata Data Quality Data Profiling MDM Big data Near Real time Real time ODS Reference Data Physical /logical Data model Dimensional Modelling Entity Modelling Data Warehouse Details Next Slide
  9. 9. ETL Subsystems Profilin g Extrac tion Data Change Mgmt. Error Event SchemaAudit Dimensi onDeduplicati on Data Cleansin gSurrogat e Generati on SCD Mgmt. Fact Update Dimension & Fact Conformity Hierarch y Mgmt. Surrogat e Mgmt. Bridge Table Sorting Job Schedule rLineage Dependenci esParallel Processin g Bulk Load TransformExtract Load Recovery & Restart Security Systems Package Versionin g Complianc e Metadata Reposito ryRecovery & Restart Problem Escalatio n Package Lifecycle Workflow Monitori ng Backup Systems Manage
  10. 10. Integration Architecture Integration Architecture Security (Cloud Security, Data security, Top 10) Portal Integration Coarse grain Integration (Web Services) Social Media API Distributed Hadoop Java Customization Infrastructure AWS API publication- consumption Service Oriented Architecture Big data Analysis Java Components Data Analysis javascript Libraries Real time data feed API (node.js) 3rd party Visualisation API like Adobe Flex Analytics API Integration Governance Framework Other 3rd party system Integration API Process Modelling: BPM/BPEL components Supporting Platforms Integration
  11. 11. Service Architecture Service Architecture Compliance Backup and Recovery Disaster Recovery and High Availability Service Library Defects/ Fixes/Impact Management Upgrades/Maintenance Service Operations Change Requests CR, Request For Change RFC Release Policy Service Transition Service Design Package Capacity Plan Service Level Agreement Service Design Recovery Time Objective/ Recovery Point Objective Service Strategy