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Bubble diagram

my project proposal

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Bubble diagram

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION First and foremost, the main idea is to change the selected site into a tourism as well as an agriculture area.Fortourism,mymain attractionisnot onlyforthe localsbutalsofor the foreigners. Since we’re living in a multiracial county which I find really unique, I wanted to bring out that uniqueness towards this project. Looking at the tourism part, my main idea is to give out true Malayan traditional culture for the gueststo experience whichIthinkitwill be worth it since they are visiting here. In this way, we can attract more tourists to visit our country. So in doing that, I had decided a theme for my homestay whichisthe Malayan Tradition.Fromthe “kampong”style of the houses all the way to the food and drinks. As for the agriculture part, I had decided that it would be a great idea to open a tropical fruit farm. Here, guests, especially from the European countries, would get to be introduced with all the tropical fruits we have here in Malaysia. Guests can also taste the fruits as I had decided to have a tropical fruitbuffet,freshlypicked from the fruit farm. Guests can also buy some of the fruits here. Finally, with all of these ideas, I had proposed a tourism and an agriculture area to show the true colours of Malaysia.
  3. 3. BUBBLE DIAGRAM The bubble diagram is normally used as a mind map to draw out ideas for the plan layout in a circular form.
  4. 4. CONCEPTUAL DIAGRAM The conceptual diagramisthe secondstepwhichwe put all the ideas from the bubble diagram into our plan. SCALE 1:500
  5. 5. ACCESSIBILITY The accessibilityis very important as it tells you the vehicular pathway in and out of a certain area. SCALE 1:500 Based on the above plan, I had visualised to make the road a one way road to avoid any traffics. There are two access in my chosen site, so one of the access I have turned into the main entrance and another access is the exit.
  6. 6. MASTER PLAN The master plan is a detailed overall plan including the plantings and the greeneries. SCALE 1:500
  7. 7. ELEVATION Front view Basedon the above elevationof the frontview of the homestay, there is a drop off area next to the car park. Here, it is easier for guest to load and unload their bags and suitcases. The drop off area has an easy access towards the registration area.
  8. 8. IDEAS PROPOSED 1. Traditional Homestay 2. Swimming Pool I wouldlike tobringoutthe true Malaysian Forthe swimmingpool area,I traditionformy gueststoexperience here. decidedtomake itsimple and That is whyI wouldlike myhomestay sophisticatedtogive the to have the characteristicsof the Malayan peaceful surroundings. “kampong”houses. 3. Tropical Fruit Farm 4. The Hut (Restaurant) Since our countryisrich withall kindsof Why I nameditthe hut isbecause fruits,Iwouldlove tomake a fruitfarm the shape of the restaurantislike withall kindsof fruittrees.Here,the a hut.Here,guestscan have their guestscan have a tour aroundthisfruit buffetbreakfasts,lunchanddinner. farm witha tour guide explainingabout Guestscan alsoenjoythe fruitbuffet the fruitstrees. duringthe teatime.
  9. 9. 5 and 7. The Loading and Unloading 6. Registration Lobby The Drop Off Area I wouldalsolike the loadingandunloading Asfor the registrationlobby,Iwantedtomake as well asthe drop off area to have the it small andsimple. traditional touches. 8. Car Park Even the car park area has the wooden touches which blends in the whole theme of this homestay. Roofted car park area helps to prevent the car for getting hot on a sunny day.
  10. 10. CONCLUSION To sum up everything, I think that the guests would have a great time staying here and learning about some of the unique tradition of Malaysia.

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my project proposal


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