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Trade union

This Slide gives a brief about Trade Union ,Objectives, Types, Functions, Problems and a few more.(Use it in P.P.T mode Only as it contains Animations , Clips and Images)

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Trade union

  1. 1. “We are One; as we share the Glory of our victory, so shall we share the Pain of Our Defeat. In this way; we get Closer, we go Stronger” By, David. Sarath.
  3. 3. Trade Union “An Association of workers in one or more profession carried on mainly for the purpose of Protecting and advancing the members Economic interest in connection with their daily works” - G.D.H.COLE George Douglas Howard Cole an English political theorist, Economist, Writer and Historian (1989-1959) Trade Union = Association Of employees + maintain/improve the working condition in an industry
  4. 4. “Reasons for Employees to join Trade Unions”  Greater Bargaining Power  Secure better working Conditions  Minimize Discrimination  Remove Grievances Of Employees June 2012: The National Mazdoor Union (NMU) gave a strike notice to APSRTC  Demanding : giving Employment to one member of a deceased employee  Ticket Issuing Machines to be provided to all conductors  double wages for double duties, accelerated promotions and better facilities for the crew like rest rooms at bus depots, stations, terminal points and the like.
  5. 5. OBJECTIVES: “Trade Union Act 1926 – “A Trade Union must work to protect & Promote the interests of the workers and the conditions of their employment”  To Defend & Improve the Income and Working Conditions Of Workers.  To Maintain Job Security.  To Replace Managerial Dictatorship By Workers Democracy.  To Preserve Physical Security.  To Protect the workers against Economic & Social Exploitation.  To Maintain a Harmonious Relation. “Trade Unions make sure that the workers in an industry will get better wages and working conditions” “Trade Union makes sure that the workers would have a high level of job security and they wont Un-Employed” “Trade Union makes sure to Replace Managerial Dictatorship By Workers Democracy, were there is equitable rights and justice takes place, by so, workers put their best effort & contribute more sincerely in a democratic environment rather than in Dictatorship”
  6. 6. Types  Types:  There are four main types of trade unions.  i. Craft unions:  These represent workers with particular skills e.g. plumbers and weavers. These workers may be employed in a number of industries.  ii. General unions:  These unions include workers with a range of skills and from a range of industries. E.g. Indian National Trade Union Congress  iii. Industrial unions:  These seek to represent all the workers in a particular industry, for instance, those in the rail industry.  iv. White collar unions:  These unions represent particular professions, including pilots, managers, and teachers, Office workers.
  7. 7. Functions:  To Secure Better Wages & Better Living Conditions.  To Provide Self-Confidence & a Feeling of Identity.  To Take Welfare Measures to Improve the Morale Of the Workers.  To Maintain Sincere & Discipline In Workers.  To Protect the Workers against Victimization & Injustice of the Employers.  To Enlarge Opportunity for Promotion & Training.
  8. 8. Problems: Internal In-Effective Leadership E.g. Boss Poor Economic Condition E.g. Recession, Deflation Illiterate labor E.g. Un-educated Lack Of Unity Among the Workers E.g. NO-Cooperation Migratory Character E.g. Leaving the Union Low Standard of Life E.g. no comfort, Wealth External Non-cooperation Of Intermediaries & Workers E.G. No Communication Opposition By Industrialist E.g. Rejection Of Collective Bargaining Political Pressure E.g. Threating, Intimidate Less Legal Support
  9. 9. “Trade Union Around The WORLD” Germany Canada France Las-Vegas India Ukraine London
  10. 10. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Union Density 1970-2010 1980 1990 2000 2010 “Trade Union through out the History of India” Indian National Trade Union Congress – INTUC(4TH MAY 1948) All India Trade Union Congress – AITUC(1920) United Trade Union Congress – UTUC(April 30th 1949) Hindu Mazdoor Sabha – HMS(1948) Bhathiya Mazdoor Sabha – BMS(23rd July 1954) Standing Conference Of Public Enterprise – SCOPE(1970) ASSOCHAM – Associated Chambers OF Commerce & Industry Of India