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Tricks & tactics facebook

Facebook is one of the best social platforms to reach out your potential customers and build up your brand digitally.

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Tricks & tactics facebook

  1. 1. Tricks & Tactics Presented By: Lisa Lawrence
  2. 2. Introduction ● Facebook is the widely used app around the world. ● One of the best social platforms to reach out your potential customers. ● Build up your brand digitally.
  3. 3. Visual Appeal of Your Page ● The Profile photo and cover photo of your page. (Does it speaks about your page in a glance) ● Relevance of the Page's Content ● The standards of your contents which includes it's readability and grammar.
  4. 4. The Communication about Your Business ● Your ‘ABOUT’ page should tell details about your Business. ● It should be very easy to understand. ● It should be different and stand out from your Competitors. ● You may consider including links to your website in the descriptions for your profile picture and cover photo.
  5. 5. Important Considerations ● You should have a direct link to your facebook page on your website. ● Should have share button on your website. ● Should have custom link for your facebook page.
  7. 7. Contents Strategy of Your Post ● Should be visually attractive and should be consistently posted. ● Your post should be understandable and have catchy descriptions with photos and videos. ● Should use variety of posts that includes both sales and non-sales contents. ● Always post the same topic on the same day of the week. ● Use of hashtags.(not too many)
  8. 8. ● Images on the social network are worth a million likes! ● You must post high-quality customized photos that interest your audience and increases your brand recognition. ● For better engagement mix different types of images like memes, banners, infographics. ● Self-explanatory photos seem to perform best. PHOTOS
  9. 9. ● It is no secret that people love quotes– especially motivational or funny ones. ● Quotes get a lot of shares and likes and present a simple way to increase engagement on your page. QUOTES
  10. 10. ● Asking questions is the best way to make people respond to your posts. ● It helps you initiate dialogue with fans. ● It promotes interaction and tells fans their opinions matter. QUESTIONS
  11. 11. ● Question words attract more comments, with the most popular being ‘should,’ ‘would,’ ‘which,’ and ‘who.’ ● This means that closed questions which have a very limited answer option are the highest attractors of comments. ● Open question words like ‘why’ and ‘how’ which make the user think more to articulate their answer sit at the bottom of this chart.
  12. 12. ● Posts with emoticons get 33% more comments, they also get shared 33% more often and get liked 57% more than the posts without emoticons. ● Emoticons tend to add a more human side to your communications, and it seems like this comes across fairly well with users. EMOTICONS
  13. 13. Best Time to Post ● The best time of day to post on Facebook is debatable. ● According to the blogs of Hootsuite, Hubspot, Buffer & Kissmetrics. ● Weekdays: 10am-12pm and 3pm-5pm ● Saturday and Sunday: 12pm - 1pm
  14. 14. Things You Should Avoid. ● Never like your own post. ● Do not use too many hashtags. ● Strictly avoid sharing contents from the other social sites. ● Your post should not have grammatical and spelling errors.
  15. 15. Conclusion ● Content is the most important factor than the time it’s posted. ● Of course, timing can have an effect on performance if the post is timely or more relevant at set time – such as content aimed at reaching sports fans at the time when games are happening. ● But largely, your social media success relies on the strength of your content.