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How to develop positive attitude


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Positive Attitude is the base to develop all other skills we need to succeed in life. This presentation describes four simple ways in which positive attitude can be developed.It also describes the importance of soft skills in our career.

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How to develop positive attitude

  1. 1. by Sarwan Singh Corporate Training │ Personality Development │ Mentoring │ Hand Holding
  2. 2. 1. Doctor 2. Engineer 3. Sportsperson 4. Pilot 5. IAS; etc, etc Ask any student what he/she wants to become? Answers:
  3. 3. Three important Questions for the participants 1. Do all of us have capacity to become what we want? Yes 2. Do all of us start our career with what we say in school? No 3. Are all of us equally successful in our lives? No
  4. 4. We have two types of skills
  5. 5. 1. Honesty, 2. Dedication, 3. Flexibility, 4. Hard working, 5. Team Working, 6. Leadership Qualities, 7. Willing to take initiative, 8. Willing to learn& un-learn, 9. Technical knowledge; etc. ,etc. 10.Willing for additional responsibilities, & above all A few Desirable Soft Skills
  6. 6. Positive Attitude/ + Communication Skills (verbal & non –verbal)
  7. 7. Do you know: Your technical skills contribute only 15% & Your Attitude contributes balance 85%! to your success?
  8. 8. 15 85 Technical Skills Soft Skills Harvard Business School says share of Technical Skills-vs.-Soft skills in our progress is:
  9. 9. 12.5 87.5 Technical Skills Soft Skills Stanford research Institute says share of Technical Skills-vs.-Soft skills in our progress is:
  10. 10. How much time, effort & money do you spend on education? Compare this with How much time, effort, & money do you spend to develop attitude?
  11. 11. Where is your emphasis? Skill Building Or Attitude Building
  12. 12. Shocking!
  13. 13. Surprisingly, Developing Positive Attitude is the simplest thing to do!
  14. 14. Learn just 3-5 new words a day. In no time you will be able to talk to anybody. This will increase your IQ by 100%. This is finding of George Town Medical Counsel! Become a Life Time Student!
  15. 15.  Read informational or educational books for just for half an hour daily.  You will read 20 books of 200 pages a year.  An average person reads two books a year. What competitive advantage! Just by reading for half an hour daily! Recognize that knowledge is power!
  16. 16. University of South California says:  Just listen to Educational & Motivational cassettes or CDs for about an hour daily.  You will acquire knowledge equivalent of two years of college education in three years by just listening to these cassettes. Can any thing be simpler Listen to educational & Motivational cassettes!
  17. 17. Inspirational messages fill the mind with feel good Energy. Begin & End each day by reading or listening to a good thought or quotation. Can any thing be simpler! Start & End each day with positive inputs into your mind!
  18. 18. Understand that Failure is an event & not a person! We are all born to win. But, to win ;we must plan & work hard. So prepare & work hard to win. Than only we will win!
  19. 19. Hence; to develop Positive Attitude:  Learn something new daily,  Begin & end each day reading something positive,  Invest time & effort in building your attitude,  It will pay off . You will improve your skills & career.
  20. 20. aa by Sarwan Singh (The English Academy) @sarwan_singh (91)88666 80407, (91)97279 19756 305-Helix Complex Nr. Hotel Kansar, Sayajigunj, Vadodara-390 005, Gujarat (India) Find us at: