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  1. 1. Appsule Inc For your core readers.... Mobile App will play for a key role For media.
  2. 2. We can build high quality app for media companies CarMe – 2 million MAU Type : Car Qoly – 20 million MAU Type : World football
  3. 3. Why you need an app • Higher engagement with your brand You can own your users vs by reading your contents via social media, which you don’t know if they will come back to your media. • App brings you better monetization The in-app native ad is better format and you can show the ads seamlessly. The app users drive more page views and you can generate higher payouts.
  4. 4. What Appsule team helps We are a partner for media to expand mobile business. App operation Marketing/ Promotion For the app. monetize Technology support
  5. 5. We can build high quality app for media companies • Yeild management Appsule works for the client media to manage Adtech to grow revenue on the app media. • App and technology for media Appsule is a tech company. We have built tech and solutioin to easy app media without human resource, big investment and marketing budget.
  6. 6. How people spend time on mobile
  7. 7. Ad money moves to mobile. 2.ディスプレー用予算 のモバイルシフト。北米 では15年に金額が逆転し モバイルへの偏重が進む。
  8. 8. App will be a mainland for marketers.
  9. 9. Appsule helps media has not covered yet. Traffic Hard time for a chief editor who makes a dicision from Editing to technology, especially mobie and app. Appsule take care of the media`s app. New tech media Web browser App building /operate /monetize
  10. 10. Client media : ROCKET NEWS24 [iOS] [Android]
  11. 11. Team leadership SATOSHI NODA is an entrepreneur who succeeded two Adtech platforms. First early generation of mobile adnetwork found in 2010 and which was acquired by mobile carrier in 2011. Then SATOSHI leads to found SSP for mobile app publisher late 2013 which being one of the biggest SSP on this field. After left the project in 2015, SATOSHI found Appsule.