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Relationships In A Digital Age


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By Chris Baldwin - Traffic4u

With a background in Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship, Chris tries to shed some light on the role technology plays in our lives by addressing the fundamentals of relationships and business in a digital age. Chris is currently the Strategy Director at Traffic4u, an IPG Mediabrands label, responsible for strategy, product quality and innovation. Chris started Search Engine Marketing in pre-Google days and has been addicted ever since. He has worked both client and agency side as well as his own ventures. How are the best technology companies of our era using data to build relationships through technology? Chris will speak about a sustainable digital future and how to build and nurture relationships through technology between brands and consumers. As the Internet-of-Things penetrates into our lives, the devices and software we adopt are unique opportunities for brands to get closer to their consumers and build relationships with them. The value unlocked from this data is key to this process and advertisers/marketers, right now, are at the center of this revolutionary digital storm.

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Relationships In A Digital Age

  1. 1. The future belongs to those who hear it coming @Chris_Baldwin
  2. 2. The best minds of our generation are trying to figure out how to get people to click more ads.
  3. 3. In a mobile environment the only ads people want to see are the ads they would miss if they were not there.
  4. 4. Change is hard work
  5. 5. Old New
  6. 6. Old New
  7. 7. Facilitating the mobility of human experience
  8. 8. We are in the plumbing stage
  9. 9. Conversational commerce
  10. 10. 50% voice search by 2020
  12. 12. The future belongs to those who hear it coming
  13. 13. The future belongs to those who hear it coming … but owned briefly by those who build it. @Chris_Baldwin