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The Frictionless World Arrives
How “Age of Context” services are changing our lives and expectations.
Uber is best known of “frictionless”
Five forces bringing us less friction
Force #1
IoT & Wearables
Force #2
Force #3
Force #4
Cloud-connected data
Force #5
are the future
is changing
Frictionless thinking
Contextual services put us in the center
Frictionless thinking:
Study everything?
Frictionless thinking:
How well do you know your customers?
Frictionless thinking: Pinpoint Marketing.
Vintank geofence.
Contextual Cheerios.Know the mobile customer
Beaconify These little radios make

frictionless experiences

your way to frictionless
Frictionless means: better transportation.
Uber and Lyft. Self driving. Safer. Automatic.
Frictionless means:
New urbanist
Frictionless is better health.
Better living through sensors.
Notifications in charge
Sales increased 20%
The first week!
Tapingo already has 70% 

of SCU transactions
HouseCall “uberized”San Diego
Banking is changing
Frictionless checkout
Privacy? No, Uber!
Robert Scoble
Rackspace’s Futurist
The Frictionless World Arrives
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The Frictionless World Arrives

Uber is the best known "frictionless" service (it makes it much easier to get a ride) but is hardly the only example. Here's a bunch I've found in my journey around the tech industry looking for innovations and innovators for Rackspace, the leading managed cloud company.