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Virtual reality simulations of lens outcomes with FineVision Trifocal

Would it be possible to evaluate patient's visual acuity outcomes before any cataract or presbyopia surgery with a trifocal intraocular lenses?

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Virtual reality simulations of lens outcomes with FineVision Trifocal

  1. 1. Virtual Reality Simulations of Lens Outcomes International Society of Presbyopia meeting October 6, Lisbon Sébastien Franssens
  2. 2. 60’S
  3. 3. The Digital Revolution
  4. 4. Digital habits
  5. 5. New digital media
  6. 6. VR/AR evolution
  7. 7. VR in Medicine
  8. 8. Education & Training
  9. 9. Surgical planning
  10. 10. VR with patient
  11. 11. Treatments and therapies
  12. 12. OR Patient experience “The idea is to make sure patients are familiar with what they’re about to undergo,” says Carey Kimmelstiel, director of the Interventional Cardiology Center at Tufts.
  13. 13. Virtual reality presents a unique opportunity to reach a completely immersed audience
  14. 14. Graal =Patient’s outcomes with VR
  15. 15. * “Educating patients on what they’ll experience before and after cataract surgery gives them the knowledge and confidence to proactively manage their experience and their mindset, driving positive outcomes.” Patient Expectations
  16. 16. Emotionnal experience
  17. 17. VR is still a Marketing tool NO Near , Intermediade of far vision. Impossible to simulate mono-tri NO simulation of the vision due to the limited VR technology/image quality Sound is poweful for cataract patient
  18. 18. Optical technology’s = optical science Voptica opens a new era in vision testing
  19. 19. Virtual Reality Simulations of Lens Outcomes Virtual Reality Experience of Lens Outcomes
  20. 20. Patient benefits • Innovative experience • Confidence in technology • Drive positive outcomes • Technology mindset • WOM = cardboard
  21. 21. surgeons/optometrist benefits • Offer a new & Innovative experience • Time saving (explanation) • Practice performance fit • Clinic advertising (custom Cardboard) • Technology oriented
  22. 22. Next future… Goldman Sachs predicts that AR and VR could easily generate up to $80 billion in revenue by 2025. Mark Zuckerberg has a $2 billion bet on virtual reality by way of his 2014 Oculus acquisition. Magic Leap, an augmented reality startup affiliated with Google, recently raised money at a lofty $4.5 billion valuation.
  23. 23. Trial….