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Galera cluster best practices zero downtime schema changes

Database schema changes are usually not popular among DBAs or sysadmins, not when you are operating a cluster and cannot afford to switch off the service during a maintenance window. There are different ways to perform schema changes, some procedures being more complicated than others. We invited Seppo from the Codership team to tell us about the options. If you’d like to learn more, please watch this webinar!

Galera Cluster is great at making your MySQL database highly available, but are you concerned about schema changes? Is an ALTER TABLE statement something that requires a lot of advance scheduling? What is the impact on your database uptime?

This is a common question, since ALTER operations in MySQL usually cause the table to be locked and rebuilt – which can potentially be disruptive to your live applications. Fortunately, Galera Cluster has mechanisms to replicate DDL across its nodes.

In this webinar, you will learn about the following:

How to perform Zero Downtime Schema Changes
2 main methods: TOI and RSU
Total Order Isolation: predictability and consistency
Rolling Schema Upgrades
Schema synchronization with re-joining nodes
Recommended procedures
Common pitfalls/user errors

Watch this webinar and learn how to do schema changes in your cluster with maximum uptime and full data consistency.