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PR in the Era of Fake News

This presentation was given at a Ragan event in Chicago on July 21st "PR Now & Next Conference"

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PR in the Era of Fake News

  1. 1. FUTURE  PROOF  PR  TEAMS  IN  THE  ERA  OF   FAKE  NEWS   Sandra Fathi President Affect @sandrafathi web: blog: email: Ragan PR Now & Next Conference Chicago, July 20-21, 2017 Slides:
  2. 2. FAKE  NEWS:  BIG  BUSINESS   2  
  3. 3. STATE  OF  THE  INDUSTRY   3   Fake News Epidemic •  Headlines & Tweets – People don’t read the content/check the link •  Low Media Literacy - Trust is easily earned when aligned with your views •  Fewer Reporters + Struggling Newsrooms + Rise of Citizen and Partisan Journalism •  Click-bait Sites Mask as Reputable News Organizations •  Overreliance on Social Sites – Sensational stories = viral stories
  4. 4. FIGHTING  FAKE  NEWS   •  Fact Check •  Vet the URL •  Follow the Links Back to the Original Story •  Search Key Elements: Phrases, Images, Author, Location •  Be Skeptical of Data & Charts 4  Source:  Quartz  Magazine  
  5. 5. FAKE  OR  PAID?   5  
  6. 6. BUYING  YOUR  WAY  IN   •  Bloomberg – Custom Content $150K+ •  Economist – Custom Content $20K+ •  Financial Times – Paid Posts $65K+ •  Fortune – Native Content $50K+ •  Harvard Business Review $15K+ •  WSJ – Branded Content $50K+ 6  
  7. 7. REPUTATION  AS  CURRENCY   Strong, Positive Reputation •  Cultivates trust, confidence, preference and loyalty •  Assigns character traits, moral and ethical code to a brand •  Sets expectation for future behavior, policies and products •  Attracts and retains top talent •  Drives financial performance •  Strengthens resilience in a crisis 7  
  8. 8. SHEERAN  VS.  BEIBER   8   Who  was  arrested  for  DUI  in  LA  Last  Night?   Source:  Hollywood  Reporter   Source:  Daily  Mail  
  9. 9. CHRISTIE  VS.  BOOKER   9   Who  pulled  a  neighbor  from  a  burning  home?   Source:  SG  Berman   Source:  PoliYco  
  10. 10. J-­‐LO  VS.  J-­‐LAW   10   Who  had  cleaning  woman  fired  from  set  for  making  eye   contact?   Source:  Just  Jared   Source:  Glamour  
  11. 11. KIND  SNACKS  VS.  NATURE   VALLEY   11   Which  raised  minimum  wage  in  all  manufacturing  faciliYes   to  $24.50?  
  12. 12. UBER  VS.  LYFT   12   Which  company  found  to  have  not  conducted   ‘mandatory’  background  checks  on  more  than  36%  of   drivers?  
  13. 13. AMAZON  VS.  APPLE   13   Which  company  docks  pay  for  fulfillment  center   workers’  bathroom  breaks?  
  14. 14. BUILDING  A  BRAND   1.  Ethics 2.  Employees/Workplace 3.  Financial Performance 4.  Leadership 5.  Management 6.  Social Responsibility 7.  Customer Focus 8.  Quality 9.  Reliability 10.  Emotional Appeal 14   10 Primary Components of Organizational Reputation Source:  Business  Focus  Magazine  
  15. 15. REPUTATION  OFFENSE  101   15   Proactive Ways to Invest in Your Brand’s Reputation •  Build Strong Owned Channels: Website, Newsroom, Multimedia, Social Media, Newswires etc. •  Cultivate Relationships with Top/Key Industry Journalists •  Develop Influencer Relations/Customer Advocacy Program •  Consider Paid Opportunities/Sponsored Content •  Understand and Invest in a Strong SEO Strategy •  Review/Update Your Crisis Response Plan
  16. 16. NEW  RULES  OF  MEDIA   RELATIONS   •  The gatekeeper is off-duty •  Credibility can be bought •  Social media makes/breaks stories •  Truth is relative •  Objectivity is almost non-existent 16  
  17. 17. SUPPORTING  NEWS   LITERACY   17  
  18. 18. EMERGING  TECH   •  Machine Learning – Software that learns on it’s own. The more data it has, the more it may be able to predict behavior or preferences. •  Artificial Intelligence - Building machines capable of human intelligence. Typically implements logic, memory and decision-making capabilities. •  Virtual Reality – Immersive experiences are more powerful in engaging the senses. 18  
  19. 19. REINVENTING  YOUR  JOB   •  ABL – Always Be Learning •  Don’t Be a Victim or a Perpetrator •  Educate Your Colleagues •  Best Defense is a Great Offense 19  
  20. 20. THANK  YOU       Sandra Fathi President Affect @sandrafathi web: blog: email: Slides: