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PRx: The Future of Public Relations & Media

PRx is a conference hosted by the PRSA Tri-State District. It took place on October 21, 2014 at the Yale Club in NYC. Speakers included:
Fred Cook, President and CEO, Golin @fredcook
Barri Rafferty, Senior Partner and CEO of North American Ketchum @barrirafferty
Richard Galant, Senior Editor, Opinion, CNN Digital @richny
Chris Allbritton, Senior Editor, The Daily Beast, & Freelance Writer @chrisallbritton
Steve Barrett, Editor in Chief, PR Week @Steve_J_Barrett
Brendan Lewis, Director of Communications, Foursquare @bplewis
Laura Covington, Communications Manager, Foursquare @lpc
Megan Hess, Assistant Editor, Mashable @mhess4
Sandra Fathi, President, Affect @sandrafathi

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PRx: The Future of Public Relations & Media

  1. 1. #PRx Pla(num Sponsors: Sponsors & Media Partners
  2. 2. Please use our complementary WiFi Network: Yale Club Password: 6N43X3 If ac(ve on TwiJer please follow along and use our hashtag: #PRx #PRx
  3. 3. PRSA Chapters _________________________________________________________________________ #PRx
  4. 4. #PRx Fred Cook CEO Golin Interna(onal T@fredcookT "Improvise: Unconven(onal Career Advice from an Unlikely CEO" Session Topic:
  5. 5. Email:
  6. 6. Expose Yourself
  7. 7. Drive a Drunk
  8. 8. Guide a Tour
  9. 9. Make the Rules
  10. 10. Begin applying TODAY!
  11. 11. Make It Special
  12. 12. #PRx Barri Rafferty CEO Ketchum North America T@barriraffertyT "Gender & Racial Diversity in the Execu(ve Ranks" Session Topic:
  13. 13. #PRx Richard Galant Senior Editor, Opinion; CNN Digital T@richny Session Topic: "Opinions: How Contributed Content has Changed the News Media" Q&A Hosted by Sandra Fathi, President, Affect
  14. 14. #PRx Please enjoy our short break If ac(ve on TwiJer please follow along and use our hashtag: #PRx
  15. 15. #PRx Chris AllbriJon Senior Editor, The Daily Beast, and Freelance Writer T@chrisallbriJon "An Unconven(onal Path to the Future" Session Topic:
  16. 16. #PRx Megan Hess Assistant Editor, Mashable @mhess4 Session Topic: "The News, But in Fewer Words: The Rise of Visual Storytelling"
  17. 17. MASHABLE: WHO WE ARE • 40 million monthly uniques • 20 million social followers (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) • 7.5 million shares per month – that’s 3 shares per second. • Our sweet spot: Telling stories in an inherently social way. If you see people talking about it on Twitter or Facebook, it’s a story we should be telling.
  18. 18. WHERE WE ARE • 50/50 U.S. and International • Largest Markets: New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, London and Southeast Asia.
  19. 19. Or, if you’re a visual learner:
  20. 20. THE SNOWFALL EFFECT: LONGFORM • Not adding bells and whistles for the sake of adding bells and whistles • 38% more time spent with longform pieces than with a story in the regular template on Mashable • Our first foray into longform: The Ballad of Kiwi Gardner
  21. 21. BUILDING A VISUAL NARRATIVE • Picking and choosing worthy subjects and optimizing for mobile • The iPhone 6 Review and the iPhone 6 Plus Review
  22. 22. FIRST AND FOREMOST: ENGAGEMENT • Iterate, experiment, fail – then again – with new products • It’s not just on your website: Building communities on new, emerging platforms and integrating them into stories
  23. 23. IT’S NOT JUST FOR STORIES ABOUT CUTE CATS • Maps, charts and graphs to more clearly paint a narrative in Gaza or Ukraine, or pulling Instagrams from the ground during the World Cup in Brazil
  24. 24. • Or using Vine videos to illustrate global warming or the path of a hurricane’s destruction.
  25. 25. At the end of day, it comes down to: How can you best tell your story so that people not only read it, but share it and come back for more?
  26. 26. "How to Manage Communica(ons in a State of Constant Change" #PRx Brendan Lewis Director of Communica(ons, Foursquare T@BPLewisT Laura Covington Communica(ons Manager, Foursquare @lpc Session Topic: Interviewed by Steven BarreJ, Editor in Chief, PR Week
  27. 27. #PRx Sandra Fathi President, Affect Closing Remarks T@sandrafathiT Thank you for joining us!
  28. 28. #PRx Pla(num Sponsors: Sponsors & Media Partners