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The Taiwanese Turtle And The Betel Nuts


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The Taiwanese Turtle And The Betel Nuts

  1. 1. 和 撰稿:Galorian 插畫:林紋而
  2. 2. 臺灣龜和檳榔 The Taiwanese Turtle And The Betel Nuts 撰稿:Galorian 插畫:林紋而
  3. 3. All rights reserved. No part of this book shall be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, any part of this book without prior written permission of the author. This book is meant to remind all of us to be creative, to dream, to be comfortable with oneself, to love, to be happy and joyful and most of all to be appreciative and content with what one has. Smile. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. Idea Sign Ltd. Unit 306-7, 3/F Chinachem Golden Plaza 77 Mody Road, Tsimshatsui East Kowloon, Hong Kong, SAR Email: Printed in 2016 / First Edition Written by: Galorian Illustrations and Cover design: Lin,Wen-Erh Editor: Vincent Feltkamp 2016 All rights reserved.
  4. 4. Once upon a time on the Island of Taiwan … 很久很久以前,在台 灣這座島上…
  5. 5. 有一隻烏龜住在一片高 低不平、綠色和橘色交織 的田野中,每天吃生菜和 胡蘿蔔,開心的生活。 A turtle had a happy life living in a green and orange rugged field, eating lettuce and carrots.
  6. 6. 有一天,烏龜散步的 時候,載滿檳榔的卡 車從牠身旁經過… One day, the turtle went for a walk when a truck full of betel nuts passed by and accidently spilled some betel nuts onto the road. 不小心把一些檳榔 灑在路上。
  7. 7. 烏龜嚼了第一顆檳榔, 雖然味道有點苦,不過牠很喜歡。 The turtle chewed the first betel nut. It had a bitter taste but he liked it.
  8. 8. 所以牠吃了第二個 So he ate the 2nd And the 3rd And the 4th And the 5th And the 6th And the 7th And the 8th 接著第三個 第四個
  9. 9. 到了晚上牠也不 睡覺,繼續沿著 那條路走。 At night he couldn’t sleep, he kept walking down that road and some say that even today he is still walking the roads of Taiwan. 有人說直到今天,他都還 在台灣的路上走著。
  10. 10. 所以如果你到了台灣,也 許會見到那隻烏龜,邊走 邊嚼著路過卡車掉下來的 檳榔。 So if you ever make it to Taiwan, you might see that turtle walking down the road chewing betel nuts thrown at him by passing truck drivers. 備註:如果 你有看過牠 ,請寄張照 片給我,牠 的紅嘴唇很 好認。 A special note: If you ever see him, please send me a photo. You could recognize him by his red colored lips.
  11. 11. The Moral:“Who is a Hero? This turtle couldn’t overcome his desires. What about you? Can you restrain your desires? Delay gratification? 誰是英雄? 這隻烏龜沒辦 法克制牠愛吃 檳榔的慾望。 你有辦法嗎? 道德小教室 你能克制自己的慾望, 讓自己晚一點再享樂嗎?
  12. 12. 誰是英雄? 答案就是:能克 服自己慾望的人! The answer:“Who is a Hero? He who conquers his desire!”
  13. 13. 「等一下!等一下! 你希望你的一生就 這樣過了嗎?」 「吃著卡車司機掉下 來的檳榔過活?」 “ Wait! Wait! Wait! Is this how you wish your life to end? Eating betel nuts thrown at you by passing by Truck drivers? ”
  14. 14. 「要做一個 有用的人」 Another version of the story tells that a voice was heard calling at the turtle from between the bushes saying ‘be somebody’. 這個故事的另一個版 本是,樹叢間傳出一 個聲音,告訴烏龜說:
  15. 15. Apparently that turtle took it to his heart and decided to be somebody and from that day on he has been teaching kids all around Taiwan to be the best they can be. 烏龜聽了進去,下決心 要成為有用的人。 從那天起,牠教全台灣的小孩子, 凡事要努力做到最好。
  16. 16. 至今仍不清楚, 到底是誰跟牠 說了那句話,也 許是牠的朋友, 或許是牠的媽 媽,也可能是內 心的聲音在呼 喚牠,我們只知 道,牠再也不吃 檳榔了。 It is still unclear what it was that called at him. Maybe his friend, maybe his mother or maybe it was his inner voice. What we know for sure is that he never tasted betel nuts again.
  17. 17. All roads start with the human heart, and when walking along these roads, always remember of this turtle that overcame his desires. 所有的路都是人心 走出來的, 當你走在路上時, 要記得這隻烏龜 是怎麼克服了牠 的慾望。
  18. 18. How To Play: The first 20 readers to receive the book, sign their names on each of the bananas here and pass it on to another to enjoy the book, the #21 wins the book . 怎麼玩: 前20位收到書的讀者,在這裡的每一根 香蕉上簽名,再把它傳給下一個人看, 第21個人可獲得這本書。
  19. 19. Disclaimer: The content here is provided FREE of charge. We at Galorian Creations hope that we inspired you and to see you make your own act of grace and pay it forward in your own unique way. Remember! The material world and all we have in it are only temporary. However, what we do for others will remain for eternity. There is nothing more supreme and noble. 聲明:這本書的內容是免費提供。 我們Galorian Creations 希望 可以啟發您,期望您也能用自己 的方式,將這份恩惠轉傳給其他 人。 記住!我們的物質世界只是短暫 的,但是我們為別人所做的一切 會永遠留下來,沒有什麼是比較 高人一等和比較尊貴的。
  20. 20. By the author Published by 「誰是英雄?英雄就是能克服自己慾望的人!」 這隻烏龜成為許多台灣人的英雄象徵,因為牠克服了自己愛吃檳榔的慾望。 你有辦法嗎? 你能克制自己的慾望,讓自己晚一點再享樂嗎? 猶太人有句經典格言講的是控制衝勁、戰勝衝動、以及 教育自我情緒等等的重要性。 當英雄不是要打贏戰爭,也無關攻城掠地。 英雄是能戰勝自己的人,能克服自己的衝動與情感。 “Who is a Hero? He who conquers his desire!” This turtle became a symbol of Heroism for many in Taiwan as he managed to overcome his desires. What about you? Can you restrain your desires? Delay gratification? A classic Jewish motto expresses the importance of keeping urges under control, overcoming impulse, educating our emotions. It is not about military wins, and it is not about occupying a city. As a hero is the one who wins over himself. Overcome his own impulses and feelings.
  21. 21. First I wish to say that impulse and desire can be positive. It makes us ambitious. And as long it is not something that is disturbing or hurtful of our own or other’s happiness or health. For example, if you have a desire that is dominating your thoughts such as: you want more and more chocolate, you want to play just one more game, you want to watch a little more television, you stand in line, and really want to be first, you’re angry at someone and want to curse and beat him. How to act? Can you conquer yourself and your wants? Published by 首先我要說的是,只要不防礙或傷 害我們自己或其他人的健康或幸福, 衝動和慾望也是有正面性的,它們 讓我們有企圖心。 舉例來說,如果盤據你腦海中的慾 望都是:再吃更多的巧克力、再玩 一個遊戲、再看一下電視,排隊時 想當第一個先的人、 很生某人的氣,想 咒罵並痛扁他一頓。 你要怎麼辦? 你可以克制你自己 和你想做的慾望嗎?
  22. 22. We enter the world with desires to receive, to fill ourselves, to understand better the world, to master the world, to master faith and make it all better for ourselves – we have no other thoughts. All of our desires are truly to enjoy life and in any way we look at it – this is how we are. Sometimes in life, free ‘betel nuts’ are thrown at us, but the truth is that nothing is given easily and therefore we must teach ourselves alone of how to reach all of those desires, passions and wishes of fulfillment and the start is by GIVING, this is how to start the process of RECEIVING. Thanks and playful regards Galorian Published by 人生在世會有各種慾望,想獲得事物、 想滿足自己、想要更了解世界、掌握 世界、建立信念,讓自己過得更好, 除了這些慾望外沒有別的想法。 所有我們的慾望是想要實實在在地享 受人生,無論是從何種角度看待人生。 我們人類就是這樣。 有時候,會有免費的「檳榔」扔向我 們,但其實天下沒有白吃的午餐。所 以,我們必須自己學著努力實現所有 的慾望、熱情、心願,想要有收穫, 就要從付出開始。 感謝以及頑皮的問候
  23. 23. Missions How To Be a Hero? Make a list of the days in the week and write down good things that you do each day. It can be a good thought you had for someone, Something nice you said to someone, Something good you did for somebody else. Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Today I hugged my parents and told them ‘Thank you and I love you’ Today I told my best friend that he is cool I shared my sandwich with Danny as he forgot his lunchbox I think that Bella is very beautiful I want to be a super hero and save the world --- --- Published by
  24. 24. Published by 星期天 星期一 星期二 星期三 星期四 星期五 星期六 我今天擁 抱了我的 爸爸媽媽 告訴他們 「謝謝你 們,我愛 你們」 我今天告 訴我最好 的朋友說 他很酷 丹尼忘記 帶便當, 我把我的 三明治和 他分享 我覺得貝 拉很漂亮 我想當超 人拯救世 界 --- --- 任務 要怎麼當英雄? 列出一整週的清單,寫下你每天做的好事, 可以是你覺得誰有什麼優點, 你對誰說了什麼好話, 你為誰做了什麼好事。