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The 8 rs of hr

entrepreneurship (grade 11 shs)

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The 8 rs of hr

  1. 1. The R’s of Human Resources.
  2. 2. RECRUITING • Many HR advisors and consultant often advocate that organization should “hire for attitude develop for competence "there are simply revising the mindset of HR practitioners who screen applicants according of HR to their resumes and skills already.
  3. 3. ROUTING • Organization who desire to optimize the value of people over the long haul should have a good routing strategy. The more versatile and flexible the recruit is the more opportunity he/she has for assuming multiple roles in the organization
  4. 4. RETAINING Retaining people or retention is being able to hold on to people, provide that a company wants to keep them in the first place.
  5. 5. RESONATING To resonate is to be “in tune with” or to reverberate with an organization that resonate with people and their employees who resonate with their management are likely to have goal congruence
  6. 6. REVIEWING Reviewing people is to measure and evaluate their performance w/ the organization goals in mind
  7. 7. REWARDING Rewarding isconcerned about compensatinginvestingand recognitionemployees for their work loyaltyand accomplishments
  8. 8. RETOOLING Both new recruits and old timers need retooling in order to meet the performance expectation of the organization
  9. 9. RECYCLING Recycling affords the people the chance to jobs or events careers