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Virtual Potential: Designing Collaborative, Creative, & Active Online Learning Spaces


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Virtual Potential: Designing Collaborative, Creative, & Active Online Learning Spaces

  1. Virtual Potential Creative & Active eLearning Photo by Lauro Roger McAllister,,
  2. “Literacy has always been defined by the technology. Before the printing press, your ability to orally recite something meant [you were] literate.” - Nichole Pinkard Photo by,
  3. “Our How vision technology do is I shaped motivate by the we know and can use. We students need to acknowledge to blog? that it may constrain our thinking.” - @RayNashar
  4. Collaboration Creativity Digital Literacy Play Real-world Connections Experimentation Citizenship Developing PLNs Exploration
  5. Presentations Mindmap Digital stories Podcasts Blog Games Video clips Scavenger hunts Comics Fliers Tutorials
  6. Community It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed. - Napoleon Hill
  7. Participant Map
  8. List your city & country
  9. What is your dream job?
  10. Chain Story Once upon a time... And the bird… …The End!
  12. Collaborative Curation PearlTree Livebinders Educlipper Pinterest Storify Diigo
  14. Share a resource!
  15. ePortfolio Reflections
  16. Collaborative Storytelling Pride & Prejudice by Raquel León Jimenez,
  17. & IOS App
  18. Wr i t i n g prompts
  19. Visual writing prompts & challenges 350+ Free Printables
  21. Memes
  22. Recreate one
  23. Passionate/Personal Learning Networks Photo by lanx1983:
  24. Where?
  25. ©
  26. #Storytelling_INTEF
  27. Invent a hashtag
  28. Encourage play with a digital sandbox!
  30. Digital games & quizzes