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  1. 1. SIMON PYTHOUD SOFTWARE DEVELOPER Contact 1630 Bulle Switerland +41 78 821 55 99 Profle I am passionate about creating software that enhances people's lives. I have been developing software professionally since 2008. I have acquired a lot of experience in object oriented development and team leadership. I have participated in a wide variety of projects from web-based applications to mobile and desktop applications. I am fuent in both French and English and I have a good understanding of German. Skills PROJECT EXPERIENCE  Web application development  Mobile hybrid application development  Code review  Unit testing  Prototyping  Agile methodology  Data modeling  Object-oriented analysis and design  Problem Solving  Java platform development  Windows platform development TECHNOLOGIES  jQuery  Angular JS  Ionic Framework  Bootstrap UI  Responsive Design  Node JS  Jasmine Unit Test  XML  JSON  REST  OAUTH  Kendo UI  Knockout JS  Google Web Toolkit  Ruby on Rails, Grails  Zend Framework LANGUAGES  JavaScript  HTML5  CSS3  SASS, SCSS  SQL  Java  PHP  Ruby  Groovy  C#  XAML SOFTWARE  Git, Github, Gerrit, SVN  Grunt, Gulp, Bower  Sublime Text  Netbeans  Eclipse  JBuilder  Visual Studio  IntelliJ IDEA  VMware  VirtualBox  Jira, Confuence OPERATING SYSTEMS  Mac OSX  Linux  Windows 98 - Windows 10  Android  Windows Phone  IOS DATABASES  MySQL  Oracle  MongoDB  MaxDB  Sqlite 1
  2. 2. SIMON PYTHOUD – SOFTWARE DEVELOPER Snight Sàrl Bulle 2015-09— 2016-02 START UP – SEARCH AND PROMOTION APPLICATION FOR CLUBS AND EVENTS JAVASCRIPT, HTML5, CSS, PHP, MYSQL, ANGULARJS, IONIC, PHONEGAP, NODEJS, GULP  Created the prototypes of the Web and the Mobile applications.  Created the Web application using BoonEx (PHP framework for social apps)  Management and supervision of a team of developers in Ukraine.  Created the Mobile App using AngularJS & Ionic (JS frameworks).  Created and managed the databases.  Analysed and improved the performances.  Created the UI according to the principle of Responsive Design and Mobile First.  Implemented Agile project management within the team, including daily Scrums.  Created of the Mobile Web using Node.JS  Used SASS to efciently manage the CSS styles on the entire application.  Used Gulp for tasks automation. Also used Grunt.  Implemented unit tests and End-To-End testing to ensure the code quality. Sacao SA Givisiez 2015-01— 2015-06 ERP – SOFTWARE FOR PROJECT, BILLING, CONTACT AND TIME MANAGEMENT JAVA, GOOGLE WEB TOOLKIT, SENCHA GXT, JAVASCRIPT, HTML5, CSS, MYSQL  Development of a web-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to account the time used on various projects, to centralize address books and to manage billing.  Seting up a complete and intuitive user interface.  Generating reports specifc to projects and users.  Management of large database.  Adaptation of the Web interface for tablet. Pythoud Informatique Bulle 2014-03 — 2016-02 WEB & MOBILE DEVELOPMENT – APPLICATION OF EMOTIONAL COACHING Javascript, Angular JS, Node JS, Express JS, Mongo DB, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap  Development of an application that guides users to a beter management and understanding of their emotions.  Management of users' accounts and data.  Created a simple User Interface that is accessible to common users. Implemented Responsive Design to target multiple devices.  Development of Web services and Database WEB DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANT  Provided advice and guidance for the implementation of Web & Mobile Application and for the technology choices adapted to the customers' needs. 2
  3. 3. SIMON PYTHOUD – SOFTWARE DEVELOPER Macadamian Technologies Gatineau, QC, Canada 2011-05 — 2014-02 All clients' names below are confdential. TELECOMMUNICATION – WEB & MOBILE APPLICATION KNOCKOUT JS, JQUERY, TWITTER BOOTSTRAP, JS, HTML5, CSS3, REST  Created a web application for a telecommunication service provider, which ofers an intuitive UI to manage devices, lines and various specifc setings.  Created a custom framework base on Knockout JS to meet the project specifc needs.  Used responsive design to target multiple screen sizes with a single code base. HEALTHCARE – MOBILE WEB APPLICATION SENCHA TOUCH 2, JS, HTML5, CSS3, 2NET  Worked on a prototype for a Remote Patient Management, which provides patients the ability to synchronize their medical data using the 2Net cloud.  Created a JS library to register devices and access data on 2Net with a REST API.  Developed the application using Sencha Touch 2 to target multiple platforms and to create a customized and intuitive UI. SOCIAL MEDIA – WINDOWS PHONE 8 APPLICATION C SHARP, XAML  Implemented top Windows Phone 8 features for a social mobile application: - Voice Command & Integration with People Hub INTERNAL PROJECT – WINDOWS 8 APPLICATION C SHARP, XAML  Developed a Windows 8 Metro App to browse and play Ted Talks videos.  Implemented a video player, Pin-to-Start functionality, sort by Popularity and Recent.  Fetch data from an RSS feed.  Improved performance. HEALTHCARE – WEB APPLICATION ASP.NET, KNOCKOUT JS, CSS  Unite two legacy products, writen in two very diferent technologies into one single product.  Implemented a consistent design across the application. Restyled the legacy interface and many components. TELECOMMUNICATIONS – MOBILE WEB PROJECT SENCHA TOUCH 2, JS, HTML5, CSS3  Worked on a prototype for a next generation web-based Audio/Video/Chat communication software.  Developed a modern web interface using Sencha Touch that combines all features into a very friendly UI. VIDEO PRODUCTION – WEB APPLICATION JQUERY, JS, HTML, JSON, CSS  Developed a Web-based console to manage video devices and video streams.  Reviewed code to ensure a high quality software.  Enhanced performance in terms of memory usage and speed. 3
  4. 4. SIMON PYTHOUD – SOFTWARE DEVELOPER Vialis GmbH 2008-10 — 2009-03 SOFTWARE DEVELOPER – J2EE PROJECT GOOGLE WEB TOOLKIT, GROOVY AND GRAILS, SPRING, ORACLE DATABASE 11G  Development, modeling and design of intranet applications for multi-user management with large database. Pythoud Informatique 2007-07 — 2008-10 FREELANCE WEB DEVELOPER JAVA, PHP, XHTML, XML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, RUBY ON RAILS, ADOBE FLEX, MYSQL DATABASE, WORDPRESS AND JOOMLA.  Development of Web applications and websites for private customers. Sacao SA Givisiez 2007-01— 2007-07 INTERNSHIP AS DEVELOPER RUBY ON RAILS, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, VB.NET  Development of Web and Intranet applications.  Seting up new networks.  Provided support to users. Education Vocational School in Computer Science, Fribourg, Switerland 2004 – 2008  Federal Vocational Education and Training (VET) with Diploma in Computer Science  Federal Vocational Baccalaureate (FVB) Languages  French – Mother tongue  English – Advanced writing and speaking skills  German – Intermediate writing and speaking skills 4