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Bakeware market analysis


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Bakeware&Ovenware 2016 Market Analysis

Published in: Design
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Bakeware market analysis

  1. 1. Bakeware Market Research and Analysis
  2. 2. Trends by user centeric results Trends Market What is existing in the market and what future possibilities Technology Types of materials and costs that are used during the production Index Structure of Content
  3. 3. Iy, multi section, stackable Trends will be in four different title; Connectivity, Silicone mat usage, Novaltiy, Multi sectioned, Stackable Trends Trends in Bakeware
  4. 4. 4 Trends In 2016 Connectivity with cookware lines in the brand Having similar lines in the same brand name Connectivity with cookware lines in the brand Approved by Francesca
  5. 5. 5 Trends In 2016 Silicone Baking Mats Silicone baking mats are easy to clean, easy to store and reusable.Favoruites of the market in these days Silicone Mats Even it is popular not target of Tvs
  6. 6. 6 Trends In 2016 Novelty Cake Pans Novelty cake pans are not new but innovative designs are being introduced to make birthdays and baby showers more fun. Skip the heart shaped cake pan and choose a hamburger cake, a cupcake or a sandwich cookie cake. Choose cake pans that suit a variety of events to get the most out of this investment. Novelty cake pans Popular but not target of Tvs
  7. 7. 7 Trends In 2016 Multi Section Casserole Dishes The modern kitchen is all about variety. You should be able to have the flavours you want while giving the other members of your family their favorites, too. With a multi Sectioned casserole dish you can easily prepare two or three different cassero les at once. Create your famous macaroni and cheese and bake half of the casserole with fresh mushrooms and caramalized onions and the other half with diced ham and roasted red peppers. Multi Section Casserole Dishes Could be a choice try to find different ex
  8. 8. 8 Trends In 2016 Easy to store In nowadays most of the baking dishes are creating advantage of being stackable Stackable Baking Dishes Could be a choice, try to find different ex
  9. 9. Iy, multi section, stackable Technology will introduce us which type of materials are being used in the market and gives us a chance to understand them Technology Technology in Bakeware
  10. 10. Carbon %2 max, line of product is made of tin plate. Electrolytic tin plated sheet metal, it is an economic type of steel, perfect for coking any type of dessert. Excellent value for money. Lower conductivity than aluminium Banda Stagnata Platinic silicone suitable for contact with food substances and equipped with the ideal qualities for both oven cooking and freezing. flexible, non- stick enough and resistant to temperatures ranging from -40°C to + 260°C. It is, therefore, a material which can be used in traditional oven, in microwave ovens, in the fridge and in the freezer. There is needed food contact certification Silicone Technology Materials Durable, transparent for easy monitoring of baking progress and provides good heat conduction for oven. Safe for oven, micro, freezer and dishwasher. Glass No use of dishwasher if the bottom is uncovered, suitable for oven depending on the type of handle, with coating non stick duration, excelent conductivity and uniformity Casting Aluminum
  11. 11. Smoother surface, less heavy respect to the cast iron, - they are not light, without coating No dishwasher, durable. A kind of cross between cast iron and stainless steel.Lighter than cast iron, heavier than aluminum stainless steel and copper, respect to the aluminum lower conductivity. Carbon Steel Micro, oven, dishwasher safe. It is made of clay however more durable and smooth surface respect to the ceramic.It is very expensive.Not a good conductor and not a good uniform heating Porcelain Technology Materials Excellent heat coductor. With a good heat uniformity. Better heat conductor than stainless steel. Sometimes over browning without coating but better than banda stagnata and carbon steel. Aluminium Usually paired with stainless steel to increase durability. Great heat transfer and corrosion resistance. Good conductor. Aluminizied Steel
  12. 12. Made of clay, oven safe, tichness is higher respect to the Porcelain. Cheaper and less durable Ceramic Technology Materials
  13. 13. Material Scope Bandastagnata Key points of Bandastagnata Guardini and Kaiser is the main supplier until this moment for TVS. Key points are; It is a really cheap material that makes competition in the market, it is possible to have non stick coating on it.Only one layer with lower non stick performance than non stick aluminum. Line of product is made of tin plate. Electrolytic tin plated sheet metal, tin is suitable for food BANDASTAGNATA. Not popular maybe only for loya ltiy
  14. 14. Material Scope Carbon Steel Key points of Carbon Steel The high performances due to the thermal conductivity properties of the steel with a carbon percentage higher. Smoother surface, less heavy respect to the cast iron - they are not light but durable. A kind of cross between cast iron and stainless steel. Lighter than cast iron, heavier than aluminium, stainless steel and copper, excellent heat conductor. CARBON STEEL. To be competitive we can searc h for the material more deep
  15. 15. Material Scope Aluminized Steel Key points of Aluminized Steel Aluminized steel is steel that has been hot-dip coated on both sides with an aluminium-silicon alloy. Aluminized steel is seen most commonly in bakeware such as baking sheets (also known as jelly roll pans), bread/loaf, cake, pie and muffin pans, Steel pans are solidly built and most often come with rolled edges covering internal steel wires for extra support which prevents warping in high temperatures. The aluminized steel bakeware has a thick, solid feel to it and will cost more than value priced bakeware, but is worth the added cost. ALUMINIZED STEEL. Not popular
  16. 16. Iy, multi section, stackable Market research helps us to understand our competitiors in terms of material types Market Market in Bakeware
  17. 17. Best Seller In all around the world Calphalon Rachael Ray Rachael Ray Farberware 6 piece Bakeware Set Oven Lovin 5 piece Bakeware Set Non Stick 3 piece bakeware set Non stick bakeware 4 piece toaster oven set gray Good set of combination, also with muffin pans and cookie sheet. Space efficient respect to the other brands All dishwasher safe and 10 years of warranty Fitted with extra orange handles, safe finished rims, dishwasher safe. Consisting of; rectangular pans, round pans, deep rectangular pan, crispy sheet 3 pieces of different sized rectangular pans to serve different needs in different sizes. Consist of, pizza pan, cake pan, cookie pans. Best of durability, reliability and quality
  18. 18. General look to the Competitors in material
  19. 19. There is a big market with Bandastagnata. However Main suppliers are Kaiser and Guardini. Popular Items In the Market Banda stagnata In Bakeware Market
  20. 20. Main Competitors of TVS to add their range, use Carbon Steel Material Popular Items In the Market Carbon Steel In Bakeware Market
  21. 21. Popular Items In the Market Aluminized Steel In Bakeware Market
  22. 22. Bialetti-ceramic, Le cruset-stoneware, Revol- porcelain, Bergner-cermaic and stoneware, GuardinI-stoneware, Staub-ceramic Popular Items In the Market Ceramic/Stoneware/Porcelain In Bakeware Market
  23. 23. Popular Items In the Market Glass In Bakeware Market
  24. 24. Generally Aluminum cookware producer competitors Popular Items In the Market Aluminum/Cast Aluminum In Bakeware Market
  25. 25. Popular Items in the Market Silicone In Bakeware Market
  26. 26. 26 Bakeware TVS Material Check What was existing in the past in TVS? Banda stagnata material used for Tvs to produce bakeware with Keiser collaboration Banda stagnata material with supplier Keiser
  27. 27. 27 Bakeware TVS Material Check What is existing in TVS? Aluminium Bakeware set Dolce IDEA LINE Aluminum is expensive for the market
  28. 28. 28 Bakeware TVS Material Check What will be existing future materials in TVS? With the new lines ceramic or porcelain will be the future of Tvs. Indispensabili Ceramic Pot Ceramic and glass combinations will be used
  29. 29. Material Scope Material Analysis for Tvs Which is the best material for Tvs? TVS SILIC. Could be additional products as bakeware some to existing line of Tvs. Such as Speciali. Variety of shapes are possible BANDA. Low cost product will be competitive in the market. At the same time useful for Loyaltiy programmes ALUM. Already in the production of Tvs. Limited shapes.
  30. 30. Material Scope Material Analysis for Tvs Which is the best material for Tvs? CAST ALM Cast aluminum products in the history of Tvs was found as expensive and not for the best seller. They are unique and referring to high cost. In such loyaltiy programmes It could not be the best fit.Variety of Shapes GLASS Tvs is powerful in the glass aerea. There are many suppliers.Using glass as a accesory could be the best alternative. Even glass is cheap., it would be a better fit glass with coating. PORC In the future projects it will be a good move to have porcelain as a high quality bakeware sets. They could be offered as loyaltiy and additional to some lines of Tvs.
  31. 31. Material Scope Material Analysis for Tvs Which is the best material for Tvs? TVS ALMN S Aluminiuzed steel a little expensive however in terms of durability it could be competitive in the market CARBON S Carbon Steel is basicly strong in USA market. In terms of durability.Not as cheap as bandastagnata but has potential in the market. CERMC Tvs could prefer ceramic instead of Porcelain in terms of the advantage of price. Less durability according to porcelain but clean lines could be fitting wìth also Tvs lines.
  32. 32. Opportunities TVS Convenient for Market and fits with the future projects of Tvs. Competitive in the market Cheap and useful for Loyaltiy programmes CERAMIC/PORCELAIN BAKEWARE COMBINATION GLASS ALUMINIUZED STEEL/CARBON STEEL BANDA STAGNATA Material Opportunities for TVS
  33. 33. Having a general look to Bialetti Range to scam what is going on the market Bialetti Popular Ranges Bialetti Range in Carbon Steel
  34. 34. Having a general look to IKEA Range to scam what is going on the market IKEA Popular Ranges Ikea Range in Bandastagnata
  35. 35. Innovative baking tins with a Double Layer system to prevent burning, Microdome technology for lighter, Easy to clean and remove your cakes, thanks to the duable non-stick coating. The Airbake product range includes, among others: Tart tin (27cm), Round cake tin (23cm), Loaf pan (12x23cm), Square cake tin (23cm), 12 muffins tin (36x25cm), Oblong cake tin (36x25cm) TEFAL Popular Ranges Tefal Range in Bandastagnata
  36. 36. Having a general look to Lekue Range to scam what is going on the market of Silicone Bakeware. Lekue have different wide range of bakeware.In their range they have; party baking molds, baking utensils, cake decorating and baking molds. Lekue Popular Ranges Lekue in Silicone
  37. 37. Silicone moulds with collapsible feature allowing to make the highest moulds totally flat to win up to 60% space*. The rigid ring avoids the mould to bend and allow to handle it safely in the oven (with some protection of course). The silicone is 100% platinum. This guarantees the high quality of the product and its resistance to high temperatures (up to 250°). Tefal Popular Ranges Tefal in Silicone
  38. 38. Bakewares are in titles of; casseroles, portables, baking dishes and sets. Generally plastic lids are refrigerator, microwave and dishwashersafe. Pyrex glasses also dishwaher, pre heated oven microwave and refrigerator safe. Pyrex Popular Ranges Pyrex in Glass
  39. 39. Even if they are look like cast iron they are not. They take all the advantages of Porcelain. It serves different needs. Roast bake any type of meat, vegetables pasta and desserts. REVOL Popular Ranges Revol in Porcelain
  40. 40. Even if they are look like cast iron they are not. They take all the advantages of Porcelain. It serves different needs. Roast bake any type of meat, vegetables pasta and desserts. BIALETTI Popular Ranges Bialetti in Ceramic
  41. 41. We have made our analysis In terms of price, material and brand and merged it with actual marketing research Auchan, Iper Rossini review of merchandising related to cookware area. Store check analysis Store Check SuperMarket visit around Tvs
  42. 42. Store Check SuperMarket visit around Tvs Actuel BANDA STAGNATA PENTOLE AGNELLI ALUMINIUM GHIDINI SILICONE Significant Brands in Store Check are Actuel, Pentole Agnelli and Ghidini. Key Brands in Store Check
  43. 43. Thank you