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Poor Self-esteem: Just Beat It!

Low self-esteem affects the way you see yourself, do your job, and relate with the people around you. Learn to overcome it with these quick tips.

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Poor Self-esteem: Just Beat It!

  2. 2. ASK YOURSELF THESE QUESTIONS: How do you value yourself? How valuable are you to others? How do you perceive your value to the world?
  3. 3. Socially withdrawn Constantly anxious Pessimistic Depressed Poor communicator Fears rejection Lacks motivation Insecure Confident Has self-direction Optimistic Trusting Care for oneself Independent Accepts mistakes Aware of strengths POOR SELF-ESTEEM HEALTHY SELF-ESTEEM YOUR ANSWERS REVEAL A LOT ABOUT YOUR SELF-ESTEEM
  4. 4. POSSIBLE CAUSES OF POOR SELF-ESTEEM Trauma Child abuse Parents’ negligence Excessive criticism Bullying Unrealistic expectations Poor self-image Dissatisfaction with personal appearance Poor financial situation Unemployment Betrayal
  6. 6. Stop Wonderful What to tell yourself: I can When you’re thinking negatively When you’ve done any good thing When you’re too scared to try ENGAGE IN POSITIVE SELF-TALK1
  7. 7. DEVELOP a new hobby or skill KEEP your body healthy FIND ways to relax CARE FOR YOURSELF2
  8. 8. You gain nothing, but you lose a lot You simply waste your precious time You’re taking the road to resentment OTHERWISE STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS3
  9. 9. Get through your negative experience Learn to forgive yourself and others Seek professional help if needed LET GO OF NEGATIVE EXPERIENCES4
  10. 10. Read self-help and feel-good books Join support groups Surround yourself with positive people GET INSPIRED 5
  11. 11. CAN THE PROBLEM BE SOLVED? Yes No Take action right away Accept your feelings, keep calm STOP WORRYING TOO MUCH6
  12. 12. “The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.” Mark Twain
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