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A Jedi Approach to Content Strategy

You may not be able to read the minds of your website visitors like a Jedi master but if you can present the right content to them you can provide a great online experience.

In this session we deep dive into how you can leverage customer intelligence to get a greater insight into what your customers want to see when they visit your site so you can build a data-driven content strategy.

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A Jedi Approach to Content Strategy

  1. 1. 1 #DigitalPriorities Digital Marketing Priorities 2018 brought to you by A Jedi Approach to Content Strategy Chris Purcell Product Strategy Manager at Episerver Hosted by Lewis Dormer, Digital Marketing Executive at Smart Insights
  2. 2. 2 #DigitalPriorities Digital Marketing Priorities 2018 brought to you by Before we start… • You can download the slides right now via the attachments tab. All slides are also hosted on Smart Insights Slideshare. • Do ask questions at any point via the chat function - we’ll respond either at the end of the show or afterwards via email.
  3. 3. Episerver 3 A Jedi Approach to Content Strategy Chris Purcell Product Strategist Episerver
  4. 4. Episerver 4 Digital is Your Main Way of Reaching Customers Now
  5. 5. Episerver 5 Biggest threats facing B2B leaders • 58% of B2B leaders said their biggest threats come from: • Increased digital expectations from customers • Increased competition as they invest in digital experience • Digitally native startups eating your lunch, often because of a better experience
  6. 6. Episerver 6 You have to meet the customer on their terms
  7. 7. Episerver Visitors: different needs changing over time Items: hundreds of messages/products updated frequently This is the Content You’re Looking For 1:1 Decisio n Success probability without targeting: less than 0.3% Target the right person with the right item at the right time
  8. 8. Episerver 8 Personalization can help meet those expectations
  9. 9. Episerver Two socio-demographic twins Born in 1948 Wealthy & self-employed Primarily resident in London Have married & remarried, with children Like to travel, have dogs, drive sports cars
  10. 10. Episerver Prince Charles Ozzy Osbourne
  11. 11. Episerver 11 Welcome to the Age of Customer Centricity 1990’s One size fits all Mailing lists 2000’s Segments Digital Campaigns 2010’s Account-based Marketing Automation Today 1 to 1 Machine Learning Today’s buyers are connected, empowered and self-educated. They demand personalized experiences and engagement with brands.
  12. 12. Episerver Everyone is striving for 1:1 Segmented audience 1:1 Journeys Content differs by individual Recommended for you Managed by AI One size fits all Everyone sees the same Most recent Managed by developers Manual Segmentation Content differs by group By industry or page category Managed by editors
  13. 13. Episerver The manual rules-based approach can’t scale One size fits all Manual Segmentation 1:1 Journeys Time&Effort Decisions required to stay relevant Marketing team capacity The decision gap
  14. 14. Episerver Problems Humans aren’t good at figuring out intent Humans aren’t good at maintaining rules Rule-Chaining: One rule leads to another…
  15. 15. Episerver Key challenge: lack of data-driven answers 15 How much content do I have for each topic? What should I write about next? What content drives KPIs and results?
  16. 16. Episerver Creating Better Content
  17. 17. Episerver How does it work? Understand your content using AI Industry-leading NLP to understand your content US treasury bond s fixed income asset allocation dolla r GDP growth ES G retireme nt 401(k ) Interest rates
  18. 18. Episerver Automated content audits Know what your content is about automatically without manual tagging
  19. 19. Episerver Understand what topics drive high-value actions Goals: understand that topics influenced desired actions on-site
  20. 20. Episerver Topic-level guidance on content strategy Content strategy dashboard: know your topic gaps vs. saturation points
  21. 21. Episerver How do we build a business case?
  22. 22. Episerver 22
  23. 23. Episerver Forrester’s TEI methodology Benefits Costs Flexibility Total Economi c Impact (TEI) Risks
  24. 24. Episerver Customer interviews serve as the source in our TEI STAR T Due diligence Customer interview(s) Create financia l model Write case study Review and finalize
  25. 25. Episerver 25 Breakdown of benefits Benefits of Episerver Intelligence Cloud
  26. 26. Episerver 26 But wait, there’s more…
  27. 27. Episerver nger 27 Free trial: Content Diagnostics We have created a free version of our Content Intelligence product to equip resource-stretched content teams with fast, actionable, and real-time intelligence on how well your content is meeting the needs of your visitors. You get: • Real-time Content Audit • Real-time Engagement Insights • Prescriptive Content Strategy
  28. 28. Episerver Thank you Q&A