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Kick-starting your new customer experience

In this practical webinar, you’ll learn how you can take action to improve your customer experience and gain a competitive edge at this crucial time, supported with some compelling trends and statistics.

This webinar is well suited for those working in eCommerce and website, content or product management, or for those of you in other industries wishing to learn about and adopt trends and techniques from the fast-paced world of eCommerce.

We’ll look at:

- Compelling customer experience statistics
- Top trends for customer experience in 2020 (with Adobe insights)
- Examples of who is doing customer experience well
- Customer experience fails you’ll want to avoid
- Digital tools you can download and use now to improve customer experience
- What you can do yourself, and what an agency can probably do better

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Kick-starting your new customer experience

  1. 1. 1 #DigitalPriorities Digital Marketing Priorities 2018 brought to you by Kick-Starting Your New Customer Experience How to Create a Personalised Customer Experience Henryk Fiedler Lead Solutions Consultant Adobe Magento Hosted by Lewis Dormer, Digital Marketing Executive at Smart Insights Daniel J D’Auria Head of Marketing 247 Commerce
  2. 2. 2 #DigitalPriorities Digital Marketing Priorities 2018 brought to you by Before we start… housekeeping • Slides will be available via Smart Insights Slideshare, or you can download them from the BrightTalk page. • Do ask questions at any point via the chat function - we’ll respond either at the end of the show or afterwards via email. #DigitalPerformance
  3. 3. How to Create a Personalised Customer Experience Discover CX trends and technology solutions you can implement to gain a competitive edge, by offering unrivalled experiences across every customer touch point.
  4. 4. What we will be covering today Learn how you can take action by utilising technologies to improve your customer experience and gain a competitive edge at this unprecedented time. 4 1. Customer experience trends in the age of COVID-19. 2. Adobe and Magento Commerce: Personalising, and optimising the commerce experience across every touch point. 3. Adyen: 3 Simple steps you can take to optimise your checkout and boost sales. 4. Success, wrap up, and Q&A. Who will benefit? This session is well suited to any website owners wishing to learn from the fast-paced world of eCommerce technology and innovation, in driving unrivalled customer experiences.
  5. 5. Today’s speakers Henryk Fiedler|Lead Solutions Consultant|Adobe Daniel J D’Auria|Head of Marketing|247 Commerce
  6. 6. Customer experience trends
  7. 7. The consumer mindset is changing in the age of COVID-19 7 ● New appreciation for normal life: 33% of consumers strongly agree with the suggestion that they will reappraise the things they value most and not take certain things for granted. ● Trust is key: 71% of consumers say if they perceive that a brand is putting profit over people, they will lose trust in that brand forever. ● Retailers need to exceed customer expectations: 63% of consumers say that the best brands are the ones that exceed expectations throughout the customer journey. It’s never been a more important time in the digital era, to gain a competitive edge. Core brand values and experience will need to adapt to win and retain their customers.
  8. 8. Setting the scene: eCommerce customer expectations (EMEA) 8 ● Customer experience drives 66% of customer loyalty, outperforming brand and price combined. ● 42% of consumers would pay more for a friendly, welcoming experience. ● 40% of consumers say they have purchased something more expensive than they originally planned because their experience was personalised. ● Shoppers that engage with personalised product recommendation are 2x more likely to come back to your website. ‘Customers buy experiences, not products’ Exceptional experiences are now the customer expectation, outweighing even price.
  9. 9. Organisations are starting ‘to get’ the importance of CX 9 Rising CX budgets and an increased adoption and reliance on automated technologies to better understand customers, are signs organisations and marketers are starting to "get it." ● Companies that prioritised and effectively managed CX were 3x more likely than their peers to have significantly exceeded their top business goals in 2019. ● However, over 70% of CX leaders said they struggle to design projects that increase customer loyalty and achieve results. ● CX covers a range of activities, from voice of the customer (VoC) to customer journey mapping and user experience— and we see them more often consolidating within marketing... ● ...53% of marketers said their functions are solely responsible for these activities.
  10. 10. Focusing on experience is good for business 10 Brands focusing on customer experience are seeing significant wins.
  11. 11. Adobe Commerce Cloud combines Magento with Adobe Experience Cloud providing an end-to-end platform to manage, personalise, and optimise the commerce experience across every customer touch point Now let’s go to @Henryk Fiedler - with some powerful examples to show you: How to create a personalised experience
  12. 12. 12 Optimising your checkout
  13. 13. 13 Steps you can take: A. Analyze where your shoppers come from versus your payment method offerings. A. Localize your checkout: knowing your target audiences means you can speak their language. A. Add new payment methods to your checkout and shortlist them when relevant. Getting your payment mix right in different regions can be game- changing for your sales. Step 1: Let shoppers pay with different payment methods
  14. 14. 14 Step 2: Make sure your checkout works on different devices Steps you can take: A. Test your checkout on multiple devices and operating systems. B. Minimize the required fields and number of steps and only ask for key information so your customer can get on with their purchase. C. Customers expect straightforward layouts that are easy to navigate. So make data input easy with large buttons and clean layouts, and also with clear supporting trustmarks. D. If you have an app, opt for in-app payments instead of a redirect which can slow things down as the page loads.
  15. 15. 15 Step 3: Create ease, and add loyalty incentives for your shoppers Steps you can take: A. Use tokenization to securely capture and store card details. Card data is replaced with a secure token that can be used for future purchases. B. Add new reward schemes attached to payment cards. C. Work with partners that can gather valuable data on buyer behaviour. Stay up to date with what customers have come to expect from their payment journeys, including making your delivery and returns policies as customer friendly as possible. D. Link payment information to your loyalty program. Delight those who have stayed loyal by offering point-based rewards, priority access to products, or exclusive offers.
  16. 16. Happy customers = winning brands
  17. 17. Country: UK | Industry: Health & Beauty Requirements: 1. Improve conversions through streamlining the customer journey from product page to checkout. 2. Keep different country stores independent of each other while maintaining similar product catalogues to minimize admin. Solutions: ● Use scheduling feature to stay on top of their ever-changing promotion planning and scheduling across three separate websites. ● Created dynamic pages to showcase their product offering. ● Simpler day-to-day upkeep of CMS pages – use drag and drop. = Better customer journey (dynamic) from product pages to checkout source-magento-2 17 Aromatherapy Associates | Results: ● 16.5% conversion rate increase ● 28.5% transactions increase ● 12.5% AOV increase
  18. 18. Country: UK | Industry: Food & Beverages - Craft Beer Their Challenge: Fast growth and need to help a lot of new customers buy beer online (navigate a lot of choice/ over 1000 options including pick N Mix selection ,gifts). Their Mission: To inspire customers to find their new favourite. Solutions: 1. Personalised recommendations (related to specific customer behaviour) 2. General recommendations (similar products - based on other users’ behaviour). migration.pdf 18 Beer Hawk | Results: ● 58% B2C revenue increase ● 39% Page load time decrease ● 29.4% Conversion rate increase ● 9.11% AOV increase
  19. 19. Recap: Key takeaways
  20. 20. Key takeaways: 20 Delivering the best commerce experiences requires integrating the end-to-end customer journey. Magento Commerce gives merchants everything they need to address the full spectrum of commerce challenges, including: ● A toolbox of capabilities that make it possible to find the insights that help merchants make smarter decisions. ● Benefits of Artificial Intelligence so that merchants can effortlessly deliver unique shopping experiences to every customer. ● Ability to target multiple individual audiences with customer segmentation. ● Access to intuitive content creation and authoring tools that empower business users. . Customers buy experiences, not products. Retailers need to design for brilliance, and wire for intelligence.
  21. 21. 247 Commerce, Adobe Magento, and Adyen About Adobe Magento: Magento, an Adobe company, is a global leader in cloud commerce innovation. Magento Commerce boasts a strong portfolio of cloud-based omnichannel solutions, integrating digital and physical shopping experiences and powering $155 billion in annual gross merchandise. 21 About 247 Commerce: Since 2011, 247 Commerce has specialised in delivering in joined-up eCommerce innovation, and custom technology solutions for rapid- growth eCommerce merchants. We’re Adobe Magento partners, and have worked with merchants across a range of custom web development, design, strategy, and marketing projects, aligning eCommerce know-how with our client’s commercial requirements and goals. About Adyen: Adyen is a Dutch payment company that allows businesses to accept e-commerce, mobile, and point-of-sale payments. Adyen's online payment platform connects to payment methods across the world. The technology acts as a payment gateway, payment service provider, and offers risk management.
  22. 22. Learn more about how 247 Commerce and Adobe Magento can transform your customers’ experience: Get your FREE consultation, solution demo, and project scoping. (We can also help you determine the appropriate website platform solution for your specific business and growth requirements) Your key contact: Christie Fast | Sales Manager Christie has 6+ years experience as a Sales and Growth Manager. Formerly at Virgin Group, Christie is passionate about helping businesses achieve their commercial goals through technology and innovation. Contact Christie directly: | +44 7903 662555 Or visit: and quote ‘Smart Insights’ to receive your free consultation and scoping