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City Branding: The case of Lyon (France).


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City branding and smart city. How do these two work together at the example of Lyon?

AthensCoCreation BrandingProject

Panteion University Of Social And Political Sciences
Department of Communication, Media and Culture
MA in Cultural Management
Course: Cultural Marketing and Communication
Course Instructor: Betty Tsakarestou, Assistant Professor and Head of Advertising and Public Relations Lab

Published in: Business, Technology
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City Branding: The case of Lyon (France).

  1. 1. City Branding
  2. 2. Competing with cities like Paris can beextremely demanding…
  3. 3. Lyon, the east-centralFrench metropolis hasfound a way to avoidbeing completelyovershadowed by theFrench capital.As early as 1989, Lyonlaunched its PlanLumière (illuminationplan), based on thetraditional fêtes deslumières, with theartificial illumination ofmore than 200 buildingsand public spaces.
  4. 4. Since 2001 the festival, known all over Europe as a unique event,has attracted more than 4 million visitors a year.
  5. 5. “The light has modified the cityscape, thereby creating agenuine tourist attraction. The twofold nature involvingtradition and innovation, has permitted the Plan Lumièreto make the city a worldwide benchmark in the field”
  6. 6. • What is it?• What is it for?• How does it work?• And you?ONLYLYON project
  7. 7. On January 30, 2007, the localeconomic and institutional actorsdecided to join forces in a governancescheme, unique in France.They created the ONLYLYON brand,an international signature for thecity to ensure its promotion abroad.What is it?
  8. 8. The Partners
  9. 9. ONLYLYON illustrates the city’sdesire to assert its difference, itsvalues, its identity, its personalityand its exclusivity.The project’s budget was 600.000euros the first year and 1,5 millioneuros the next ones.
  10. 10. What is it for?ONLYLYONis in charge of promoting Lyon’s assetsand bringing its ambition to fruition:turning its economic developmentmodel into a reference among othermajor European cities and establishingits international influence.
  11. 11. How does it work?THE 4 PILLARS OF ONLYLYON APPROACH
  12. 12. 1. Communication & marketingstrategy with 2 elements- a media campaign employed inmajor European airports- a web marketing tool, aimed atimproving ONLYLYON’s visibilityon the internet, as well as itsreputation in social networks andsearch engines
  13. 13. 2. Area specific press relations toincrease Lyon’s visibility in thenational and international media,to promote the city’s broadspectrum of expertise (light,innovation, urban planning andculture)
  14. 14. Advertising Campaign
  15. 15. 2008/9 campaign
  16. 16. 2011 campaign
  17. 17. 2013 campaign
  18. 18. Website
  19. 19. Social networks
  20. 20. 3. A network of 15.000 ONLYLYONAmbassadors (CEOs, executives,celebrities etc.) who promote the cityduring professional trips. Because thebest people to promote Lyon are thosewho already contribute to its reputationand influence.
  21. 21. 4. Partnering events in order toadvertise and promote the brandduring well-publicized externalevents in major European capitals.
  23. 23. And you?ONLYLYON targets the decisionmakers and consultants in majorEuropean cities. It also invites everyadmirer and supporter of Lyon tobecome an ambassador of the cityand to express their pride and sharetheir identity under the ONLYLYONsignature.
  24. 24. Results of ONLYLYON campaign• Media visibility increased 1750%• 48 millions of “followers” involved all around theworld• +60% impact on the international press
  25. 25. ONLYLYON SmartCityGreater Lyons intelligent approach is based on 4 basicbuilding blocks:•an overall approach which includes all fields: energy,mobility, new services, economic development, theenvironment, urban planning etc.•putting the inhabitants at the heart of the strategywith the introduction of actual projects with real benefits•a collaborative approach that includes allstakeholders: businesses, citizens partners academicsand institutions•smart city projects in order to test innovative solutionsand check their technological viability.
  26. 26. GRIZZLY, innovative urbancaptors to optimise thetreatment of roads in winterGRANDLYON Smartdata, tomake public data availableDigital services, helping the cityby developing new services
  27. 27. The Grand Lyon ExperimentationCell:to facilitate the setting up ofexperiments deployment of highspeed fibre optic: to bring fibre opticto the 58 communes of the area by2019The Living Lab:to facilitate the development of newproducts and services bypublic/private partnerships.Creating the conditions for innovation,supporting and strengthening the ability of keyplayers in the area to innovate
  28. 28. Greater Lyon is reaching out to combine economicdynamism with sustainable development and wants tobecome a test bed area for the design anddevelopment of innovative services and usages.Greater Lyon smart citystrategy
  29. 29. Lyon, where it’s good to do businessGreater Lyon enjoys a thriving entrepreneurialscene. This dynamic scene has been supported bythe actions of partners in the "Lyon Ville del’Entrepreneuriat" programme (part of the GrandLyon, l’Esprit d’Entreprise programme), aimed atraising public awareness about business start-upsand supporting project initiators at every step of theway.Their ambition: “to make the urban area the numberone business start-up zone in Europe”
  30. 30. Lyon is one of the six major European citiesthat property investors prefer*.The take-up rates for office, activities and logistics premises, thelimited rise in cost per square meter, competitive in relation tothe rest of Europe, are key factors bearing on the propertysituation in Lyon.* Source: Study "Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe 2008",published by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) and Price WaterhouseCoopers in April 2008
  31. 31. Energy efficiency in buildingsIn France, buildings and property are responsible for 40% of energyconsumption and 25% of greenhouse-gas emissions. All efforts madein this sector will therefore have a real impact on the environment in themedium term. For several years now, Lyon has positioned itself on thenational stage as one of the forerunners of a cross-disciplinaryapproach to the problem.Its objective now is to become a European pioneer in the field ofsustainable development.Energy Projects•Watt&Moi: a new way of monitoring consumption of Linky electricity•Smart Electric Lyon: a very large scale demonstrator, upstream ofthe meter which involves 25,000 households
  32. 32. offshoot of Agenda 21 andis focused on the achievementof European objectives ongreenhouse gases andrenewable energy. In 2012 theaction plan was voted - itgathers together contributionsfrom fifty or so institutional,academic, private partners andcitizens.The Greater Lyon Climate Plan...
  33. 33. Sustainable transportation,accessibility- Conveniently located on theroute down to theMediterranean- Frances second largestairport zone- TGV high-speed trainconnections to Paris, Marseille,Geneva, London and Brussels- Vélo’V bike-hire scheme- 4 metro lines, including anautomatic line;- 3 tramway lines;- 2 funicular railways;- 120 bus and trolley lines;- 343 Vélo’v self-service bicyclehire points offering 4,000bicycles.
  34. 34. The ‘Innovation Cities Top 100 Index 2011’, performed by the Australianagency 2thinknow, ranked Lyon in 8th place in the innovative citiesindex out of 331 cities in 2011.
  35. 35. Lyon climbed up one placecompared with the 2010results to confirm itsdesignation as an area ofdynamic growth andinnovation. The index is basedon 162 different ‘indicators ofinnovation’, among them:property prices, mobility(public transport), culturalexchange and scientificresearch.
  36. 36. Lyon, 2012 Web Capital of the WorldThe world web conference is the event for all webactors: researchers, industrial players, users etc. Duringthe event, you can get an idea of the latest webdevelopments and their technological, human,sociological and philosophical effects. This event is anexploration of the web’s perpetually changing horizons.
  37. 37. Lyon was chosen for severalreasons and numerous advantagesthe city offers:
  38. 38. Geographic location:Lyon is close to many European borders and the Frenchcapital, and its proximity to both the mountains and the sea
  39. 39. A pleasant and perfectly-sized city…
  40. 40. Its excellent higher education establishments…
  41. 41. …its culture and something thatsimply cannot be overlooked: itsgastronomy!!
  42. 42. Lyon smart city will expand in 2013In 2013, the implementation of the smart city approach will accelerate with a number ofprojects coming to fruition.Public data will become available with the official launch of Smartdata Grand Lyon,expected in April and will be followed in May by the laying of the foundation stone of theHikari project, anchoring Lyon Smart Community in Lyon Confluence.Summer 2013 will see the launch of the Greater Lyon mobility project just ahead of theintroduction of shared electric vehicle pools in several key areas of the region.
  43. 43. Thank youfor your attention!
  44. 44. http://www.onlylyon.org
  45. 45.
  46. 46. TheSmartCityTeam:T. Androutsopoulos Giannibasdgiannibas@gmail.comV. Kasvikivkasviki1@gmail.comK. Kentrou@kentroukEl. Michalaki
  47. 47. PANTEION UNIVERSITY OF SOCIAL AND POLITICAL SCIENCESDepartment of Communication, Media and CultureMA in Cultural ManagementCourse: Cultural Marketing and CommunicationCourse Instructor: Betty Tsakarestou, Assistant Professor and Head ofAdvertising and Public Relations LabAthensCoCreationBrandingProjectAthens, April 2013