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All About Online School Admission Software


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The online school admission software is an integral part of the SIS. Manual handling of student information encompassing admission, fee collection, attendance, time table, and more is almost obsolete. A conducive and structured information exchange environment is well facilitated by the student information system

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All About Online School Admission Software

  1. 1. All about Online School Admission Software By: Smart schooling
  2. 2. Smart schooling Online School Admission software enables schools enroll students with the complete admission process including collection of fee being conducted online. Using this web-based application, the school management can not only save paper, thus conserving the environment but also employ fewer manpower, thus saving on operational costs. Schools gain a competitive advantage of maintaining good relationships with parents and enhancing market reputation in a competitive scenario.
  3. 3. Smart schooling Features of Online School Admission Software Customization of online forms according to requirements. Handling of inquiries, applications, and admission forms online Enabling registration of students and storing of student data Efficient communication with parents on admission updates and other information Centralized admission fee collection procedures
  4. 4. Smart schooling Handle written tests and successive interviews for new enrollments Keeps records of registration, admission tests, enrollment and generation of reports Easy-to-use streamlined process; easy integration with other SIS software Ensures data integrity, privacy, and security Seamless connection among school management and parents
  5. 5. Smart schooling Why Schools should adopt Online School Admission Software? Schools adopting the online school admission software ease the complete admission process for parents besides reducing hassles for the management. Parents need not stand in long queues in schools to collect admission forms or spend lot of time in filling them. They get updated about admission status of their children step by step online
  6. 6. Smart schooling Use of this software leads to reduced usage of paper thus reducing the school’s impact on the environment. Besides, the school saves on manpower costs, and thereby operational costs, as only few manpower with basic knowledge of computers are required to run the software and manage the admission process.
  7. 7. Smart schooling Errors in processing admission forms are avoided with this software. 100% accuracy and transparency is maintained and fraudulence in the admission process is negated. Parents can get all details on their Smartphone’s related to admission forms, cut-off lists, merit lists, fees, etc. The software thus reduces anxiety and stress of parents and reduces chaos Automating the admissions process helps organizing and integrating student information, all at one place, which can be accessed anytime with a click of the mouse. Data deleted can be retrieved easily. Schools using this software create a strong first impression on prospective students and stay in competition
  8. 8. Smart schooling Schools adopting this software facilitate parents pay admission fee online anytime anywhere right from the comfort of their space. School management can also analyze admission statistics fast and easily with a few clicks. Easy-to-use reports can be easily generated. The software can be integrated with other SIS such as attendance system, fee collection, etc
  9. 9. Smart schooling Conclusion Technology has changed the very way of how educational processes are conducted. The online school admission software has improved various operational efficiency related to registration and admission of students in various grades year after year, saving time and reducing hassles not only for the management but also for parents. It is a boon for schools!
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