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Socorro piontka 86031 aladdins way (autosaved) (autosaved)


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HR Generalist/Spanish Translator

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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Socorro piontka 86031 aladdins way (autosaved) (autosaved)

  1. 1. SOCORRO PIONTKA _____________________________________________________________________________ Career Summary: 8 years HR Generalist, HealthInsurance PlansandProducts, Employee Benefits, Employee Onboarding Training, ProductMarketing,ProjectDevelopment. OpenEnrollment. Health Management,Outreachand Productpresentations. Recruitment. BilingualTranslator(Spanish) ________________________________________________________________________ Education: Bachelor of Arts – State University of NY (1993) Fredonia, NY 14062 _____________________________________________________________________________ Profesional Work Experience: Private Human Resources Manager /Translator for the Jennmar Corp. August 2009 to Present  Over10,000 employeesandabudgetof over14 billiondollarsamanufacturing Global company. Directly involved indevelopmentof employee initiatives,health improvementprograms. Employee Benefits. Conductedinterviewsthatresultedin recruitmentandretentionof managersandemployees. Involveddirectlyinthe re- organizationof company strategy.Improvementandeducation of employees. OrganizedOpenEnrollment. Involvedin negotiation of contractsrelatingto health insurance andvendors.HRIS,exitinterviews,RetirementPlans,Cobra,Longand Short termplans. Employee issue resolution. ReportdirectlytoDirectorof HR. Supervisor:Stephani Terhorst 412-963-9071 258 Kappa Dr. Pittsburgh,PA Company Benefits and Product Analyst at Highmark BCBS June 2006 to August 2014  Oven 12,000 employees and Budget of over 400 million dollars. Healthcare corporation. Travel throughoutUSA meetingwithemployeestoexplainanddiscuss theiremployeebenefits.Developedpresentationsforthe employees,employers,and members for Open Enrollment and give them better understanding of their medical plans, products and services available throughout BCBS. Involved in Strategic planning in a team setting. Involved in developing of reports (internal/external) of product integration,consumerisminformationandadvancementof conceptswithin HR management. Involved in training development and employee education. Manager: Ken Graham 412-544-7426 120 5th Ave. Place Pittsburgh. PA 15222 Teacher at St Margaret of Scotland
  2. 2. August 2000 to June, 2006  Prepared all 8th graders for secondary language courses in High School instead of introductory courses. Prepared and put into place new Language Curriculum. Taught students ages pre-school to 8th grade. Teacher training. Principal: Cathy Militzer 310 Mansfield Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 412-922-4765 Teacher State NY Public Schools September 1993 to December 1999  Worked with Middle School students, served as Community Liaison. Member of Special Education and English as a Second Language Committee. Member to the Governor’s Advance in Education Committee. ASPIRA leader. Supervisor: Rocco Vallone 620 Maurader Dr Dunkirk, NY (716) 366-9300 ______________________________________________________________________________ Trainings and Technical Skills HRIS. TrainedinFederal and State Laws. MicrosoftWord, Excel,PowerPointDevelopmentand Presentations,Outlook,Microsoft Office,TalentResearch,Outsource software, Webex/Webinar, DiversityTrainer, EmployeeBenefits andDevelopmentTraining.CertifiedSpanishTranslator. CompensationandBenefitsDevelopment,Employee PolicyandWorkManual design. 2 yearsof Psychology.