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How should we prepare for integrated HR & payroll software?


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Louise Woodroffe, HRISON Project Manager, Wakefield and District Housing

A real-life case-study with guidance on: building your business case; selecting your supplier; project preparation and roll out; the benefits gained and plans for the future.

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How should we prepare for integrated HR & payroll software?

  1. 1. INTRODUCTIONS Louise Muirhead – Project Manager, Wakefield & District Housing Aileen Cronin – Project Manager, Cascade
  2. 2. Overview
  3. 3. Project Plan
  4. 4. Project Plan
  5. 5. Benefits Measured so far Absence rate average per employee Now running an efficient ‘in-house’ has dropped from 10.5 to 9.75 days payroll service. By meeting our lost to sickness. project deadlines we have saved paying a £37k invoice to our previous payroll bureau service Statistics and reporting of HR data provider . has improved tenfold since the introduction of Cascade. We now have bespoke reports available HR have adopted Cascade and are using with little effort or development. the system to effectively manage real HR issues.