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Hemolife Service


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Corporate deck for Hemolife

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Hemolife Service

  1. 1. Hemolife Service Pvt. Ltd ID: STA0000028
  2. 2. Premroop (Person with Hemophilia) Communicator and Implementation Strategist Holds PhD in “Hemophilia Management”. Experience in Project management & client coordinations. He is also a member of the National Health Mission (NHM) for Hemophilia & Hemoglobinopathy,Project Himplementation in Karnataka state. He is study subject for clinical study. Team Mr. Soma Shekar (Person with Hemophilia) Redefine and Technology Strategist Over 20 Years of IT experience . Worked wth Defence, Aeronautical and healthcare domain. Advisory Volunteer Team Dr. Cecil R. Ross, MBBS, MD (Medicine) Professor in Internal medicine and hematology. St. Johns Medical College Dr Renuka Prasad B Associate Professor Department of Master of Computer Application Raashtreeya Vidyalaya College of Engineering Dr. Kumuda valli M V Associate Professor Dayananda Sagar Institutions The Regisseur
  3. 3. Focus Disorder Thalassemia Sickle Cell Disease Hemophilia Life long hereditary blood disorder | NO cure only management | Expensive to manage Caregivers have minimum awareness | Limited medical fraternity
  4. 4. Understand health condition through patient-reported data captured in a non clinical settings Patient-generated information and electronic health records creates a 360 degree view of the patient. Eco System
  5. 5. Towards That allows better predictive analytics centered around patient health and timely intervention Create personalize care programs Aggregated analysis and statistics of patients to health researchers to find ways to improve the lifestyle of patients & CURE
  6. 6. We Are
  7. 7. Providing an easily accessible patient portal or mHealth application Access Engage patients frequently to manage health & lifestyle Ability Provide external cures and reminders to log daily progress Triggers Personalize their experience by leveraging their health information Motivation Eco System
  8. 8. Vision Personalized Care Reduce Clinical Risk Predictive Module Optimized Therapy Reduce Clinical Waste Engage Patient/Family improve quality and safety Quality Care/ Cost Outcomes
  9. 9. Regulatory maze Accessible, Searchable, Comprehensive, continuously updated and validated database H&FWD DME Govt Schemes Kar TN AP State Registry Product procurement guidelines Rx Access Registry- A womb to tomb collection of data (2013) Vision Dr.Cecil Ross Courtesy Dr. Cecil Ross Slides
  10. 10. Management of Hemophilia Patient Reports to Care Center Registration Counseling Treatment Log Injury Log Factor Infusion Log Physio Physical Assessment
  11. 11. Management of Thalassemia Patient Reports to Care Center Registration Counseling Treatment Pre Transfusion Evaluation Transfusion Chelation therapy Next Transfusion Date Quarterly Yearly Clinical Investigation Specialty Care Heart/ Kidney/ Liver
  12. 12. As on Today Note : Number shown here is random, its demo purpose only
  13. 13. As on Today Note : Number shown here is random, its demo purpose only
  14. 14. As on Today Note : Number shown here is random, its demo purpose only
  15. 15. Empower PwH ಅ अ A Multilingual backend framework Offline Storage alert on data sync Library texts, links, reference Updates national/regional Security self managed share
  16. 16. Implementation 2017 Pilot implementation in Karnataka 2018 Showcased in 1st International conference on Hemoglobinopathies and Hemophilia at Bangalore. 2019 State of Punjab Implementation By Dec’2019 Live in state of Kerala and UP
  17. 17. Launched by Shri Ramesh Kumar The Honourable Minster Health and Family Welfare
  18. 18. 1st International conference on Hemoglobinopathies and Hemophilia at Bangalore.
  19. 19. Patient Register implementation strategy meeting at CDAC with National Blood Cell consultant and Hematology expert across India
  20. 20. Mr. Mohit Saini System Analyst (IT Wing). Punjab Health Systems Corporation, SAS Nagar, Mohali. Department of Health & Family Welfare. Govt. of Punjab. Department of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of Punjab has successfully implement Hemophilia & Thalassemia Registry Software in the State of Punjab for real time monitoring and utilization of Factors and online patients registration. This online Software is developed by Hemolife Service Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru and hosted at State Data Centre, Mohali (Govt of Punjab) with domain name . Presently it is operational in all 22 districts in the State of Punjab i.e in all District Hospitals. It is a great achievement to deduplication and registration of patients of the entire State. Karnataka State Hemophilia Registry launched by our Hon. Health Minister Shri Ramesh Kumar to monitor Hemophilia patients across our state which is first in our country. I must appreciate hemolife professionalism by which registry been developed and completed on time. The efforts by team to monitor and track expensive medicine for hemophilia patients is commendable. Software been used in district hospitals and we have trained treating nurses to capture data. Thanks once again team Hemolife for the software. Dr.Swatantrakumar Banakar State Nodal Officer, State Blood Cell, National Health Mission Bangalore
  21. 21. Implementation Implementation for Blood Cell for the program Hemoglobinopathies and Hemophilia. - Training for data mangers, Nurses & doctors. Engaging patients mention disorder Private, Individual, medical colleges Number of Patients in India Thalassaemia 100,000 SCD 150,000 Hemophilia 20,000 From Dr. Tulika Seth, AIIMS
  22. 22. Patients Partnering my life, my health, my business Tools to engage in my care
  23. 23. Empowering with wearable Thalassemia Sickle Cell Disease Hemophilia Hb Monitoring Pain Deduction Fall Alert Dr Renuka Prasad B Associate Professor Department Master of Computer Application Raashtreeya Vidyalaya College of Engineering
  24. 24. Step Ahead ● Genetic Mapping ● Carrier screening ● Prenatal diagnosis Connect remote patient to nearest Primary health center. Empower near medical time for timely treatment ● Timely quality treatment episodic, critical consolidation ● Identifying and provide medical care urban to remote places ● Reduce blood disorder suffers occurrence in future
  25. 25., +91.9886050060, +91.9845188706