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Spotinst - Google Cost Optimization Webinar


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We are excited to announce our partnership with Google Cloud Platform with our brand-new Elastigroup for GCE and to invite you to our Google Cloud Platform Cost Optimization Webinar!

Join us to reveal how to better utilize and optimize you Google Cloud Platform deployment, How to create and innovate on the future of compute, storage, big data and the power of Google Cloud Platform

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Spotinst - Google Cost Optimization Webinar

  1. 1. Online Webinar Google Cloud Platform Cost Optimization Feb 24th, 2016
  2. 2. First Things first… • Questions are always welcome • There are no bad questions • We’ll demo as much as we can • Things will break, be patient
  3. 3. Before we get started.. • $500 Credit for Google Cloud Platform • • $100 Credit for Spotinst •
  4. 4. Amiram Shachar Founder & CEO Spotinst Grace Mollison Senior Solution Architect Google Cloud Platform Vadim Solovey CTO DoIT International @AmiramShachar @LiranPolak @vadimsolovey Liran Polak Co-Founder & Chief Architect Spotinst @grapesfrog
  5. 5. Agenda • The Basics: Spotinst on Google Cloud Platform • Preemptible VMs Introduction - Vadim Solovey • Elastigroup for GCE Fundamentals. • Demo: Spotinst, Elastigroup for GCE • Q&As, tips and tricks by Grace Mollison (Google)
  6. 6. The ultimate platform for running and managing clusters in the cloud.
  7. 7. Spotinst provides a framework for reliable, highly available and cost efficient use of AWS Spot instances and GCP Preemptible VMs, with typical savings of 70-90% while ensuring full availability.
  8. 8. “ We carry spare capacity in our datacenters for a variety of reasons. Preemptible VMs fill this spare capacity, but let us reclaim it if needed, helping us optimize our datacenter utilization … … … The tradeoff is that Preemptible VMs are limited to a 24 hour runtime, and will sometimes be preempted (shut down) earlier than that. “ Spare capacity is wasted capacity
  9. 9. GCE - Preemptible VMs Preemptible VMs Overview Vadim Solovey
  10. 10. PVM. What Are They? Just Like Regular VMs (the ones we sell today...) Same configurations, guest OSes, performance, tools, etc. Anybody who dares can buy it More Cost Effective Flat pricing: ~70% off regular VM rates US n1-standard-1 price: $0.015 Reasonable, Predictable Limitations 24h uptime limit Pre-termination notice (30s) to allow for clean shutdown Many non-realtime workloads ideally suited for Preemptible VMs
  11. 11. Preemptible VMs: Typical Use Cases Log processing, Analytics, Big Data (Hadoop, MapReduce, etc.) • Typical use case would use Preemptible for “worker” nodes and normal VMs for data nodes that need to be reliable • Google Dataproc have built-in PVM integration • More integrations are in baking- Container Engine, Dataflow and Managed VMs Media transcoding • Wide usage of PVM for this type of a use case Financial modeling and simulation • Monte Carlo simulations • Back testing • Suitability depends on specific implementation
  12. 12. Preemptible VMs: Typical Use Cases Rendering • Several VFX clients are using or are interested. • Viability depends on the length of the render tasks and how they manage their nodes (if they can recover from a preemption) Continuous integration - automated build and testing • Great use case. If a test or build fails, just restart it and move on. • Chrome Clusterfuzz using ~6,500 PVMs (8,000 cores) for 24x7 randomized security testing. Double the number of tests they were running before, less than half the cost • Golang (build bots) using PVMs Genomics • DNA Sequencing, resampling and reintegration.
  13. 13. What actually happens at preemption? 1. Cloud decides a machine must be preempted 2. 30 second notice is sent to the VM a. Same mechanism as “VM stop” b. Most modern guest OSes will catch this signal and perform basic cleanup steps (sync disks, etc.) c. Normal shutdown script mechanism can be used to catch this notice for application specific cleanups (but they only get 30s) 3. Hard power off is sent to the VM if not finished after 30s Note: Just like a normal user-initiated shutdown, the VM remains as a resource in GCE (consuming CPU / PD / IP quota) until deleted by the user...
  14. 14. Elastigroup for GCE Fundamentals
  15. 15. Preemptible VMs Capacity - Zone A n1-highcpu-2 n1-highcpu-4 n1-highcpu-8 n1-highcpu-16 Total Capacity Used Capacity Preemptible
  16. 16. Preemptible VMs Capacity - Zone B n1-highcpu-2 n1-highcpu-4 n1-highcpu-8 n1-highcpu-16 Total Capacity Used Capacity Preemptible
  17. 17. Multi Zone & Multi Instance Type Elastigroup discovers Google’s available capacity For efficient and highly-available utilization of Google’s spare capacity n1-highcpu-2 n1-highcpu-4 n1-highcpu-8 n1-highcpu-16 Total Capacity Used Capacity Available Capacity
  18. 18. Auto Scaling & Load Balancer Support Scaling based on CPU / Network with LB and connection draining To ensure smooth workloads without impacting customers’ experience. Regular VMs Preemptible VMs
  19. 19. Powerful VM replacement Several hours before a PVM is likely to expire, Elastigroup provisions a new PVM replacement. Preemptible VMs Minimum Capacity
  20. 20. Hybrid Clusters Hybrid clusters of Prmemptbile and Sustained use discounts Easy to use system that provides stability and reliability.
  21. 21. Demo: Elastigroup for GCE
  22. 22. Grace Mollison Senior Solution Architect Google Cloud Platform @grapesfrog Ask the expert
  23. 23. Don’t forget your credit! • $500 Credit for Google Cloud Platform • • $100 Credit for Spotinst •
  24. 24. Thank You