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Concept of disease causation (1)

This talks about concept of disease and models and theories based on disease causation

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Concept of disease causation (1)

  1. 1. Concept of disease causation Ms. Srividhya.N
  2. 2. Theories of disease causation Germ theory Epidemiological triad Multifactorial causation theory Web of causation Devers epidemiological model
  3. 3. Germ theory According to this theory, there is one single specific cause forevery disease. This refers to one to one relationship between the causative agent and disease.
  4. 4. Spectrum of disease It is the graphical representation of variation in the manifestation of disease. At one end of disease spectrum are subclinical infections, which are not ordinarily identified and at the other end are fatal illness. In the middle of the spectrum lie illness ranging from severity from mild to severe.
  5. 5. Summary Disease Concepts / Theories of disease causation Spectrum of illness Iceberg phenomenon Role of nurse in prevention
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