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Nursing research

This ppt explains what is Nursing research . It's scope and purpose of research

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Nursing research

  1. 1. Nursing Research
  2. 2. Definition According to ANA, Nursing research develops knowledge about health and the promotion of health over the full lifespan, care of persons with health problems and disabilities, and nursing actions to enhance the ability of individuals to respond effectively to actual or potential health problems. According to Burns and Grove 2005, Nursing research is a scientific process that validates and refines existing knowledge and generate new knowledge that directly and indirectly influences clinical nursing practice According to Polit and Beck (2005), Nursing research is a systematic inquiry , design to develop knowledge about issues of importance to the nursing profession including nursing practice, education, administration and Informatics.
  3. 3. Purpose of Nursing Research Nursing Research Prediction and control Speculation Exploration Explanation Description
  4. 4. Importance of Nursing Research ● Molding the attitude and intellectual competence and Technical skill ● Filling the gaps in knowledge and practice ● Fostering a commitment accountability to client ● Providing basic for professionalism ● Providing basis for professional accountability ● Identifying the role of Nursing in changing society ● Discovering new measures ● Helping to take prompt decision ● Helping to improve standards in nursing practice ● Refining the existing theories and discovery of new theories
  5. 5. Scope of Nursing Clinical Settings Nursing Education Nursing administration
  6. 6. Clinical settings ● Risk reduction ● problems of old age ● Health Promotion ● Prevention ● control of symptoms ● chronic conditions ● enhance quality of life ● clients problems ● nursing care ● measuring outcome
  7. 7. Nursing Education ● Comparing effects of different teaching methods ● Curriculum revision ● Stress among nursing students ● Effects of innovative teaching aids ● Strict discipline ● Handling problematic students ● Generating evaluation methods
  8. 8. Nursing Administration ● Employee satisfaction ● Workload of staff nurses ● Decision making technique ● Assertive behaviour ● Comparison of patient assignments ● Health problem of nursing personnel ● Infection rates ● ICU psychosis ● Stress among ICU nurses ● Measures to prevent turnover of staff
  9. 9. SUMMARY ● Definition of nursing research ● Purpose of nursing research ● Importance ● Scope of nursing research
  10. 10. Thank YOU