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Survey research

This slides describes about survey research an important method used in qualitative research design

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Survey research

  1. 1. SURVEY RESEARCH Srividhya.N
  2. 2. Definition A survey is a research design used to collect information from different subjects within given population having same characteristics of provides superficial information. It provides extensive rather than intensive results It is used to obtain information about prevalence , distribution and interrelationships of phenomenon in a population
  3. 3. Main features ● It is a process of gathering current required data ● In this design the information is collected from a mix of subjects who represent the total population ● It is a mode of enquiry ● Tools used varies from ,face to face interview and self reporting questionnaire .
  4. 4. Types of survey Based on nature of phenomenon understudy ● Descriptive survey ● Exploratory survey ● Comparative survey ● Correlational survey
  5. 5. Descriptive survey It is undertaken to describe frequency of occurrence of a phenomenon rather than studying relationship
  6. 6. Exploratory survey It is a survey which is still understudy which helps to define problem and generate hypothesis Comparative survey Comparing and contrasting the existence of certain phenomenon in two or more groups Correlational survey It is to study the relationship between two or more variables in natural setting without manipulation
  7. 7. Based on data collection methods ● Written survey Data collected with the help of written structured tools ● Oral survey Data collected by face to face interview or telephonic interview ● Electronic survey Data collected by emails, SMS and google forms
  8. 8. Advantages ● Non experimental are closest to real life situations ● Most suitable for nursing research ● Numerous human characteristics are not subject to experimental manipulation ● Used when the manipulation is unethical
  9. 9. Disadvantages of Non experimental research ● The result contained and the relationship between dependent and independent variable can never be absolutely clear ● Results obtained cannot be generalized