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Unit I - Introduction to Research

this slides include basic of research

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Unit I - Introduction to Research

  1. 1. UNIT I Ms. Srividhya.N
  2. 2. Introduction Nurses are a part of professional health care providers and so need a research based practice to meet the standards in changing society. There is a strong indication that every nurses in future can expect to be involved in any part of the research directly or indirectly
  3. 3. Meaning The word research is derived from the French “Researche” which means “to go about seeking”. It is a creative work undertaken in a systematic way to increase the knowledge Re- Again Search – Look or examine carefully
  4. 4. Definition Research is a systematic inquiry that uses disciplined methods to answer questions and solve problems -Polit and Beck 2010 Research is a careful inquiry or examination, seeking facts or principles , a diligent investigation to ascertain something. – Clifford Woody
  5. 5. Qualities of a good researcher · Inquisitive · Reasonably intelligent · Imaginative and creative · Good observer and critic · Optimistic · Dedicated and committed · Healthy · Hardworking · Patient · Innovative and curious · Unbiased · Honest Efficient
  6. 6. Characteristics of good research Verifiability: The data collected should be developed through research Ø Empirical : Valuable evidence should be developed through research Ø Logical: Logical reasoning is needed for an effective research Ø Controlled : the variables being tested are kept constant Ø Analytical : properly analyzed through standardized method of data analysis to avoid error
  7. 7. Ø Systematic: Sequential procedure with steps Ø Purposeful: it should be based on specific and defined purpose Ø Objectivity: Specific objective without any bias or likes or dislikes Ø Measurability: Measurement should be made to measure variables Ø Generalisability: it can be applied to a larger population Ø Accuracy and precision: Accurate and reliable Ø
  8. 8. Relevant : Appropriate and benefits for communities and profession Ø Current problem: Updated as per the existing problems and need Ø Recording and reporting: Original work: Not copied and no plagiarism
  9. 9. Summary Meaning Definition Qualities of a researcher Characteristics of a good research
  10. 10. Thank you