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ENTREPRENEURSHIP ROADMAP                                                                CENTER FOR ENTREPRENEURIAL STUDIES...
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Entrepreneurship Roadmap


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From the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Center for Entrepreneurial Studies:

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Entrepreneurship Roadmap

  1. ENTREPRENEURSHIP ROADMAP CENTER FOR ENTREPRENEURIAL STUDIES 2011 - 2012GETTING STUDENT EVENTS & INTERNSHIP &STARTED GROUPS ACTIVITIES CAREER PLANNING RESOURCES• Join and become an • GSB Student Clubs: • Participate in the broad FIRST YEAR • Center for Entrepreneurial active member of E-Club range of programs • Attend the CMC/CES Studies student clubs Venture Capital Club (BBLs, speakers, Entrepreneurship Mixer (Nov 3) https://mygsb.stanford.ed workshops, small group • Learn about the Entrepreneurial• Apply to be on the u/mba/student/organizati dinners, etc.) organized Summer Program (ESP) at the • Center for Social Innovation (for leadership team ons/clubs/venture_capital_ by the CES and the Clubs. BBL in early March or online: social entrepreneurship) organizing the GSB’s club.cfm Have an idea for a annual E-Week Energy Club speaker or event? ces/students/internships.html al-entrepreneurship programs http://gsbenergyclub.word Volunteer to organize it! • Schedule an advisory meeting with the CMC and then the CES to • Stanford Entrepreneurship• Interested in Venture High Tech Club • Take advantage of CES discuss strategies for sourcing Network Capital? Attend the Advisory Sessions with internships (Jan – May) “VC 101” group/gsbhightech/cgi- entrepreneurs, investors, • Sign up for the ESP Updates email presentation, Nov. 15, bin/ wordpress/ and service providers https://itservices.stanford. edu/ • Business Association of Stanford 2011, 6:00PM, G101 Social Venture Club http://www.gsb.stanford service/mailinglists Entrepreneurial Students .edu/ces/students/couns • Find applications of companies (BASES)• Explore other /student-clubs eling hiring under ESP in T: drive (Feb entrepreneurship Many other industry – May); or self-source a role groups and events specific clubs • Attend “The Lean • Apply for ESP funding for your • Stanford Technology Ventures around campus https://mygsb.stanford.ed Startup” event with Eric summer job at an early-stage Program (STVP), Stanford u/mba/student/organizati Reis and Andy Rachleff company (Feb – May) School of Engineering• If interested in what’s ons/clubs/index.cfm on 12/1 (or online) • Regardless of whether you going on at the receive ESP funding, join the ESP Engineering School, • Other Student Groups: • Apply to be a CES program events in May, and July • E-Corner sign up for the BASES Stanford Resident and organize • Apply to take S356: Creating a Digest and learn Entrepreneurship advisory sessions and Startup in the Fall (May) about the Stanford Network (SEN) – umbrella entrepreneurship • Stanford Office of Technology Technology Ventures for many entrepreneurship programs (Quarterly) SECOND YEAR Licensing Program groups • Attend the ESP Wrap-Up event • Attend E-Week events (October)• Attend any or all of BASES across campus: Feb 29- • If seeking project work to gain • Stanford Program on Regions of the Entrepreneurial March 7 additional expertise, look at the Innovation and Thought Leadership Stanford Energy Club CMC job board for “Experiential Entrepreneurship presentations on http://energy.stanford. /e-week Projects” Wednesdays at 4:30 edu • Seek counseling from the CMC http://etl.stanford.ed • Consider running for a and CES on a job search focused u for schedule leadership position of on early-stage companies one of the Clubs (Spring) • If pursuing your own idea, seek counseling from the CES and • Club leaders attend SEN Faculty for advice and contacts meetings
  2. ENTREPRENEURSHIP ROADMAP – GSB ENTREPRENEURSHIP CURRICULUM (1 OF 2) COURSE TITLE INSTRUCTOR TERM STRAMGT 353 Formation of New Ventures Leslie, Rachleff Autumn Ellis, Chambers, Child Autumn Ellis, Foster WinterENTREPRENEURSHIP Holloway, Morgridge Spring FOUNDATIONAL STRAMGT 354 Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Wendell Winter COURSES STRAMGT 355 Managing Growing Enterprises Grousbeck Autumn, Spring Peterson Autumn Peterson, Dodson Spring Ellis, Taweel Spring STRAMGT 356 Creating a Startup I Mendelson Autumn (by application) STRAMGT 366 Creating a Startup II Mendelson et al Winter (by application) STRAMGT 351 Building and Managing Professional Sales Organizations Bowman, Stevens Winter Lattin, Levine Spring STRAMGT 359 Aligning Start-Ups with Their Market Barnett, Rachleff SpringSTRATEGY ELECTIVES STRAMGT 367 Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation Aubrey, Wei Spring STRAMGT 567 Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation Aubrey, Wei Spring (Half Class) STRAMGT 368 Strategic Management of Nonprofits & Social Ventures Meehan Winter STRAMGT 371 Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation Burgelman, Siegel Fall STRAMGT 508 Entrepreneurship from the Perspective of Women Gruenfeld, Sweeney Autumn (Compressed) STRAMGT 513 New Venture Pitch Workshop Reiss Autumn (Compressed) STRAMGT 543 Entrepreneurial Acquisition Dodson, Kelly Autumn (Compressed) INTERESTED IN SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP? See the related Roadmap: /pmp/loader.cfm?csModule=security/getfile&PageID=236433
  3. ENTREPRENEURSHIP ROADMAP – GSB ENTREPRENEURSHIP CURRICULUM (2 OF 2) ELECTIVES COURSE TITLE INSTRUCTOR TERM FIN 319 Private Equity Investing Seminar McDonald Autumn FINANCE FIN 321 Investment Management & Entrepreneurial Finance McDonald Autumn (Compressed) FIN 329 Investment Seminar McDonald Autumn GSBGEN 306 Real Estate Investment Abbey Winter GSBGEN 334 Family Business Linbeck Winter GENERAL ELECTIVES GSBGEN 360 Sports Business Management Foster Winter GSBGEN 520 The Frinky Science of the Human Mind Baba Shiv Autumn (Compressed) GSBGEN 525 From Business Concept to Business Plan Mendelson, Ciesinski Autumn (Sept Session) GSBGEN 542 How to Tell a Story Aaker Autumn (Sept Session) GSBGEN 551 Innovation and Management in Health Care Chess Winter GSBGEN 561 Sports Business Financing Foster Spring GSBGEN 566 Real-Life Ethics Leslie Autumn GSBGEN 586 Poverty, Entrepreneurship, and Development Sorensen Autumn (Sept Session)MKTOB MKTG 324 New Product Development Draganska Autumn & OB 363 Leadership Perspectives OReilly, Peterson Autumn OIT 333 Entrepreneurial Design for Extreme Affordability Patell, Beach Winter OPERATIONS & IT OIT 334 Entrepreneurial Design for Extreme Affordability Patell, Beach Spring ELECTIVES OIT 343 D-Lab: Design for Service Innovation – Healthcare Services Patell, Zenios Spring OIT 343 D-Lab: Design for Service Innovation – Financial Services Zenios Spring OIT 356 Electronic Business Mendelson Winter OIT 384 Biodesign Innovation: Needs Finding and Concept Creation Zenios, Brinton, Yock, Milroy Winter OIT 385 Biodesign Innovation: Concept Development, Implementation Zenios, Brinton, Yock, Milroy Spring
  4. ENTREPRENEURSHIP ROADMAP – ACROSS THE STREET ENTREPRENEURSHIP COURSES COURSE TITLE INSTRUCTOR TERM MS&E 270 Strategy in Technology-Based Companies Eisenhardt Autumn MS&E 271 Global Entrepreneurial Marketing Kosnik, Novitsky, Smith Winter, Spring SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING MS&E 273 Technology Venture Formation Lyons, Maclean Autumn MS&E 276 Entrepreneurial Management & Finance Byers, Lin Spring MS&E 277 Creativity & Innovation Seelig Spring MS&E 280 Organization Behavior & Management Sutton Winter MS&E 472 Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Seminar Byers, Kosnik, Selig Autumn, Winter, Spring ME 208 Patent Law & Strategy Schox Fall ENGR 245 Technology Entrepreneurship & Lean Startups Blank, Miura-Ko Winter EE 203 The Entrepreneurial Engineer Melen Winter MS&E 290 Designing for Sustainable Abundance Dunn, Waisberg Winter ME 301 Launch Pad Klebahn, Dearing Spring D.SCHOOL ME 316 Design Garage Kelly, Kahn, Burnett, Klebahn Winter/Spring (2 Q) ME 377 Design Thinking Bootcamp Booth, Janka, et al Autumn ME 380 Collaborating with the Future Banerjee, Shiv Spring FOR MORE INFORMATION ON COURSES ACROSS THE STREET School of Engineering/Stanford Technology Ventures Program: Hasno Plattner Instititue of Design at Stanford (“”): E-IPER courses: General: