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Examples of email marketing


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15 brilliant examples of email marketing

Published in: Internet
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Examples of email marketing

  1. 1. EXAMPLES OF EMAIL ADVERTISEMEN T 15 examples of well done email marketing and why we love them
  2. 2. Charity water Transactional email Automated email to tell customers the impact of their money
  3. 3. Buzzfeed It conveys what it supposed to convey
  4. 4. Uber Simplicity Very clear call-to- action Consistency in the design
  5. 5. TheSkimm Short and punchy paragraphs Direct towards customers
  6. 6. Mom and Dad Money It reads just like an email from a friend Fast response
  7. 7. Poncho Delightful design Easy to scan
  8. 8. Birchbox Unique selling Personal care
  9. 9. Postmates Fun header (It’s a GIF) Emotional impact
  10. 10. Dropbox short message emotional email
  11. 11. InVision App New design every week Easy to read and scan
  12. 12. Warby Parker personalized email marketing Perfect subject line Co-marketing
  13. 13. Cook Smarts Lovely layout You know exactly where to look Easy to share
  14. 14. HireVue Emotional impact Great call-to-action button
  15. 15. Paperless Post Each card picture leads in the right direction Simple use of reminders
  16. 16. Stitcher created especially for you Awesome design