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20131007 12 return presentation thomas geel


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Presentation about reverse logistics in retail, given to students logistics in Belgium.

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20131007 12 return presentation thomas geel

  1. 1. “I am Stef de Bont and I have been working in Supply Chain Management since 1993. SCM is all about creating stuff and supplying this to the market for consumption”.
  2. 2. “Supply Chain Management contributes to the economical dilemma”.
  3. 3. “We need to Create, Supply, Consume and Dispose to maintain our welfare, but the price we pay is too high”.
  4. 4. “I think we are in the need for urgent changes in our creation, supply, consumption and disposal model”.
  5. 5. “We need to close the industrial loop to better re-utilize disposed products in a next creation, supply and consumption cycle”.
  6. 6. “The answer to the question HOW is hidden in the word …
  7. 7. “But RE goes beyond… Recycling”.
  8. 8. Use Stock RECreation and Supply Pair Furbish Manufacture Cover Cycle Start of Use At Use End of Use Consumption and Disposal
  9. 9. Create, Supply and Consume Supply Chain Reverse Chain Return and ReUtilize It is all about “Value Creation by closing the loop”… … or Closed Loop Supply Chain, Cradle-toCradle, Circular Economy.
  10. 10. “I want to build the Reverse Chain foundation to enable a sustainable closed loop supply chain that contributes to a better planet”.
  11. 11. Unlocking Returns Value
  12. 12. • 12Return offers a platform and cloud software that enables Branded and Retail companies to establish a controlled reverse chain for different types of return. • 12Return is an independent and trusted company that enables co-operation between all parties in the reverse chain. • 12Return designs, implements and operates the reverse chain of it’s customers, depending on the desired added value.
  13. 13. Front-end customer communication for a controlled start of the returns process. Dynamic planning based on a trade-off between costs and value recovery opportunities. Back-end reverse chain integration for controlled execution and to maximize value recovery.
  14. 14. Supporting your customer while using your products leads to sustainable brand experience and customer loyalty. Smart collection and recovery of products leads to sustainable value for the environment. A controlled reverse chain is your next sourcing opportunity for valuable products and components and scarce raw materials. Intelligent use of information for smart decisions during the returns process and the entire product-life-cycle.
  15. 15. € A B PLATFORM 1 2 Controlled Reverse Chains
  16. 16. Self Service Portal and My12return Returns Process Management Application Programmer Interface
  17. 17. • E-Commerce is an emerging business and with the growth of e-commerce purchases the number of returns is growing as well. • 12Return has developed a cloud-based returns solution for e-commerce. • This solution is focused on: • A transparent service & returns process for the consumer • A controlled and efficient logistics process for the merchant • Providing control and visibility for all parties • Stand-alone functioning with flexible extension
  18. 18. A transparent service & returns process Register A controlled and efficient logistics process Return Self Service Portal Recover Recover (logistics) and My12return (financial) Application Programmer Interface Self Service Portal for return initiation and status tracking Carrier integration for “drop-off” and “collect” My12return and WMS integration for logistics returns processing Shopping Cart Software and ERP integration for administrative returns processing
  19. 19. Self Service Portal for the customer
  20. 20. Status Tracking for the customer
  21. 21. My12return for returns processing
  22. 22. The 2014 challenge for E-Commerce: • Establish return processes that support: • • • • Customer satisfaction: conversion and retention Sourcing: inventory planning Financial: accurate financial forecasting Sustainability: footprint and product recovery
  23. 23. 12Return Dinalog Campus Princenhagelaan 13 4813 DA Breda The Netherlands E: W: T: 0031-(0)76-5315300