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Building an ai with raspberry pi

Let's build an AI on your Raspberry Pi (By TensoFlow)!
We Can Do AI!

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Building an ai with raspberry pi

  1. 1. Building an AI with Raspberry Pi Stephen Lee +
  2. 2. Introduction •What’s TensorFlow? TensorFlow™ is an open source software library for numerical computation using data flow graphs. Python, C++
  3. 3. Demo Time •CNN Inception V3 •CNN YOLO •CNN •RNN •Stock Price Prediction •Speech Recognition
  4. 4. RNN CNN
  5. 5. Supervised Learning
  6. 6. TensorFlow Structure
  7. 7. Popularity 5X!!
  8. 8. Tensor & Variable multi- dimensional array a special kind of operation that returns a handle to a persistent mutable tensor that survives across executions of a graph. •Tensor •Variable
  9. 9. ML & DL More than 2 layers! Ref:
  10. 10. How to study ML A Forest —————————> A Tree Easily CNN (Machine Learning) Linear Regression GAN (Generative Neural Networks) Supervised Learning (1) Unsupervised Learning (2) Reinforcement Learning (3) Deep Learning (4) Answer: (4 & 1) Answer: (1) Answer: (2)
  11. 11. Future Plans (How To Improve My System) OPTION-2: To use a GPU processor (NVIDIA Jetson TK1 & TX1,2) OPTION-1: To use a ML Cloud (Amazon EC2 GPU, Google Cloud ML) + (OR)
  12. 12. Q & A