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Numbers L2


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"Timothy" Bible Study on Numbers, session 2

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Numbers L2

  1. 1. 曠野羈旅 《民數記》 第二大段 : 1. 巴蘭矌野 及 加低斯 2a. 由聚焦到迷失 3b. 先知與祭司的領導
  2. 2. Session 1 ch.1-10 Session 2 ch.11-19 Session 3 ch.20-25 Session 4 ch.26-36 每次查經章數
  3. 3. 曠野險途 — 從埃及記到民數記的篇章與地點配對圖 埃及 西奈山 加底斯 摩押平原 章: 1一13 13一19 19一40 1一10 10一13 13一20 20一22 22一36 1一27 出埃及記 利未記 民數記 旅途停留地點 為奴之家 [救贖] 立約之地 [定向] [迷失] [聚焦]
  4. 4. 第二大段 誰主命途 ― 矌野迷失 11:1~12:16 先知職權的衝突 NI.a. I.b. 13:1~14:45 裹足不前 : 一代人覆亡矌野 N I.c. 15:1—41 尊主為大 : 獻祭 | 守安息日 | 衣繸的提醒 L 16:1~17:13 祭司職權的衝突 N 18:1~19:22 聖潔不可侵 — 覬見上帝的守則 L N 敍事 , L 律例 II.a. II.b.
  5. 5. 怨言與焚燒 貪慾的墳墓 : 閒雜人的貪慾 | 分靈予長老 | 搶捕鵪鶉 | 詆毀摩西 — 親領聖言的先知 11:1~12:16 先知職權的衝突 N P. 1. 2. 11:1—3 11:4—35 12:1—16 I.a. I.b. 13:1~14:45 裹足不前 : 一代人覆亡矌野 N 査探迦南 — 呑吃居民之地 轉回埃及的『淫行』 求情與刑罰 — 盼望順延下一代 擅自攻敵受挫 i. ii. iii. iv. 13:1—33 14:1—12 14:13—38 14:39—45 I.c. 15:1—41 尊主為大 : 獻祭 | 守安息日 | 衣繸的提醒 L
  6. 6. 可拉黨叛亂 亞倫的為百姓贖罪 發牙的手杖—給悖逆者的提醒 16:1-17:13 祭司職權的衝突 N i. ii. iii. 16:1—40 16:41—50 17 II.a. II.b. i. ii. iii. 18:1—7 18:8—32 19 18:1~19:22 覬見上帝的守則 L 會幕的聯合守護者 祭司的分 | 利未人的分 潔淨禮的紅牛灰水
  7. 7. 以色列的三種領導 Pic : • 守護聖所,維持祭祀 (民 十八:1) • 教導子民律法 (申 二十七:9) • 辨析潔與不潔 (結 四十四:24) • 識別上帝心意 (出 二十八:30) 祭司 先知 君王 • 表述上帝示意,呼籲子民悔改 (摩二:6一9) • 監察以色列的屬靈狀況的守望者 (何 九:8) • 預告將來 (賽 七:14) • 秉行公義,代神治理 (撒下二十三:2—3) • 依據律法裁判 (申 十七:18–20) (摩西、撒母耳 皆結合三職於一身)
  8. 8. 基督的三重職能 祭司 先知 君王 來 九:11–15 申 十八:14–20 詩 二:4–12 詩 一百一十 耶和華對我主說:「你坐在我的右邊,等我使你仇敵作你的腳凳。」 耶和華必使你從錫安伸出你能力的權杖;你務要在仇敵中掌權。 你在聖山上掌權的日子,你的子民必甘心跟隨; 從晨曦初現,你就有清晨的甘露。 耶和華起了誓,絕不改變:「你是照著麥基洗德的體系永遠為祭司。」 詩 一百一十 : 1—4
  9. 9. Q.23: What offices doth Christ execute as our Redeemer? Christ, as our Redeemer, executeth the offices of a prophet, of a priest, and of a king, both in his estate of humiliation and exaltation. Q.24: How doth Christ execute the office of a prophet? Christ executeth the office of a prophet, in revealing to us, by his word and Spirit, the will of God for our salvation. Q.25: How doth Christ execute the office of a priest? Christ executeth the office of a priest, in his once offering up of himself a sacrifice to satisfy divine justice, and reconcile us to God, and in making continual intercession for us. Q.26: How doth Christ execute the office of a king? Christ executeth the office of a king, in subduing us to himself, in ruling and defending us, and in restraining and conquering all his and our enemies. 基督的三重職能 Westminster Shorter Catechism (1646-1647)
  10. 10. 教會的三重職能 What do prophets do? Their work is discerning, communicating, exposing, seeing that justice is done, revealing outcomes - the very thing God’s people can do in corporations and homes. What do priests do? Their work is bridge building, mediating, expressing meaning, evoking faith blessing bringing grace — again what the whole of God’s people is able to do in the world. What do kings do? King work is ruling, organising, planning, providing, nurturing, integrating, settling arguments, solving problems, co-ordinating, expediting, consummating — again ways that God’s people serve in so-called secular occupations, in church and in the home. — The Other Six Days, R.Paul Stevens
  11. 11. 信徒皆祭司 Priesthood of All Believers
  12. 12. ChristPantocratorPentacost 「 惟願耶和華的百姓都是先 知,願耶和華把他的靈降 在他們身上! 」 摩西的盼望 (民 十一: 25–29) 先知書預告 (珥 二: 28—29) 五旬節實現 (徒 二: 16—18) 教會的先知角色
  13. 13. “It would be better to teach a few men to call upon the name of the Lord for themselves than to fill a church with people who have given up idolatry, slavishly and intelligently, and have acquired a habit of thinking that it is the duty of converts to sit and be taught and to hear prayers read for them in the church by a paid mission agent.” — Roland Allen (Missiologist) Martin Luther King, Jr. Day — American Federal Holiday, Third Monday of January Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Washington D.C. (Opening Day 2011) If theology is a disciplined endeavor to interpret the meaning of the gospel for the present time, and if the gospel is God’s liberation of the poor from bondage, then I would claim that no one has articulated the Christian message of freedom more effectively, prophetically, and creatively in America than Martin Luther King, Jr.. — Risks of Faith, James Hal Cone (Liberation theologian) 教會的先知角色