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Dating Coach Certificate Course

Get this knowledge and a wonderful certification to show your accomplishment.

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Dating Coach Certificate Course

  1. 1. Dating Coach Certificate (1 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5, HTTPS://WWW.DIGISTORE24.COM/REDIR/308240/MAVERICK1977/ Perhaps the best things in life are free. Looking back, the best dates I ever went on didn’t cost much or anything at all. This course will teach you how to coach couples to compromise meet in the middle and get back to truly loving each other. Statistically speaking dating can be expensive; dinner, which can easily cost $40 or more. Follow that with a movie, which can run another $40 if you buy popcorn, drinks and candy. Suddenly you are close to a hundred dollar evening, and before you know it, all of your extra money for the month has been spent on a date. Yet it doesn’t have to cost so much. The best thing is that often, romance can be free. An afternoon spent hiking. Having a nice quiet picnic at a park or lake, an afternoon stroll through the forest; All wonderful dates, and they only cost you time. Now don’t misunderstand me a nice evening out is really worth it. Plus let’s face it everyone likes to be seen sometimes.. Now with all that being said, sometimes attending college can be frustrating and time consuming. Hold tight here comes my sales pitch lol.. Sorry I can’t resist a little humor. I’m a single father of 2 small and precious kids they are my whole word. Whether you are single like me or you have someone special to share the burden, this 12 week course is exactly what you need. You can take it on your time especially if you are serious about helping people reconnect or grow stronger together. I highly recommend this course for you.. Get yourcertificate!! If you want to find out more click this link here: